YouTube Studio for Creators Complete Tutorial 2021

YouTube Studio for Creators Complete Tutorial 2021

YouTube Studio is a platform for creators provided by YouTube. It is a platform that is used by all beginner to advance level YouTubers almost daily to see tons of useful information about their channel and videos.

You are going to learn about every single tool and information present in the YouTube Studio. Even if you are a startup guy or advanced YouTuber containing millions of followers you will find so many useful tips in this complete tutorial.

YouTube Studio is enhanced regularly by the company to provide a better experience to the YouTubers. I will walk you through every single aspect of YouTube Studio to keep you educated and trained.

After going through this tutorial you will be able to make a better content strategy for your YouTube channel. You will learn a lot of new things that you might be unfamiliar with.

If you already have a Gmail account then you don’t need to do something extra. Just sign in by Gmail to YouTube.

Your Gmail will be your YouTube channel default name but you can customize it if you want. If you are already running a YouTube channel then you would be familiar with that.

Go to YouTube Studio. If you are logging in then you will see your channel details there already. You don’t have to create a separate account for YouTube Studio.

As you will go to the YouTube Studio page you will land on your channel dashboard page if you are logged in to your channel Gmail account.

YouTube Studio Dashboard

As you can see it is a nicely designed dashboard containing useful information. Now let’s take a look all at the features and tools one by one.


The first page at which you land after signing in to YouTube Studio is the dashboard. There you will see information about your channel.

There will be a button for uploading videos to your YouTube channel. By clicking on the button it will allow you to upload the video. Further, check here how to upload video on YouTube.

Then there is a quick overview of channel analytics. There will be your channel’s last month summary and list of top videos.

Then there is comments and recent subscribers card where you can see the latest comments and subscribers of your YouTube channel.

On the right side, there is a new card where you will get the latest updates about YouTube Studio. 


Content is the second tab of YouTube Studio. It contains useful information about the videos uploaded on your channel. 

There you can see your content performance. You can filter the top-performing content to create further new similar content. 

Content in YouTube Studio

You can see the following detail of every single video uploaded on your channel.

  • Visibility
  • Restrictions
  • Date
  • Views
  • Comments
  • Like (vs. dislike)

All these metrics are very useful for growing your channel. You can make useful decisions based on this data. Views can help you check which content is getting more views than others. Similarly, comments and like vs dislike can help you see where you can improve your content.

Always read the comments of your viewers it will help you decide which content to focus on. Responding to every commenter will also grow your channel.

You can edit the details of your uploaded videos. Learn about video SEO here and see if you need to improve anything.

Your live streams are also modified here. You can check their basic information and also edit them if needed. 

In the visibility section, you can change the visibility of any video to make it public, private, or unlisted.


A Playlist is a section in the YouTube Studio that helps you create and manage playlists of your channel.

A Playlist is a collection of topically related videos. If you are creating content related to different topics. Then using the playlist option you can separate related videos so that visitors can easily watch them.

If you are uploading a complete course then it will help you in getting more traffic. As playlists are also searched ranked in YouTube. So, create playlists of your videos that are of the same niche/topic.


Channel analytics is the most important feature of YouTube Studio. All the analytics of your channel are available here. You can see very useful metrics in channel analytics.

YouTube Studio Channel Analytics

The analytics tab in the YouTube Studio shows the basic overview of your channel analytics. The following sections are shown in the analytics tab.


The overview section contains some of the basic metrics of analytics that can help you in understanding the overall growth of your channel. It contains views, watch time (hours), and subscribers over a specific time.

You can change the time  period from the top right corner to see the channel analytics overview for a specific time.

Below you can see the top-performing videos during this time period. On the right side, there is real-time updating and total subscribers count.


The Reach section shows the number of users to which your videos are reached. That shows the organic growth of your YouTube channel. That’s a great section of analytics that can help you a lot in the organic growth of your channel.

It contains further useful metrics.

  • Impressions
  • Impressions click-through-rate
  • Views
  • Unique viewers

Let’s discuss each metric one-by-one and see how each is helpful for you in the organic growth of your channel.


It shows the number of times your video thumbnail is viewed by the users on YouTube. You can see the daily impression to check whether your channel is growing or not.

YouTube Channel Impressions

Impressions click-through-rate

Impressions click-through rate shows the clicks per impression. It shows how many users viewed your videos out of the total users who viewed the thumbnail of your videos.


This metric shows the total views your channel got during a specific time compared to the same previous time. You can see the growth of your channel.

YouTube channel views

Unique Viewers

Unique viewers are the people who watched your videos for the first time during time spam. So, you can see how many new users you are getting each day or month.

Useful Funnel

In the reach section, there is a useful funnel named “impressions and how the led to watch time”. It is a 3 step funnel showing the following data in a sequence.

  1. Impressions
  2. Views from impressions
  3. Watch time from views
impressions and how they led to watch time

So, this funnel shows how views are giving watch time to your channel. It only shows the watch time that is generated from the impressions.

Traffic source types

This is another useful metric in the reach section of YouTube channel analytics. It shows by which sources users are finding your content.

YouTube channel traffic sources type

You can see from where you are getting more views on your YouTube channel videos. So, you can work more on sources that are generating less traffic.

Then below you can see the more detail of all those traffic sources by which you are getting any traffic.


The engagement section shows how much is traffic engaged  with your content. It contains two metrics.

  1. Watch hours
  2. Avg. view duration
YouTube studio channel engagement

Watch time shows how many hours your videos are watched during specific time spam. Average view durations show the average time duration of views.

Below you can see the top videos by watch time, end screen, playlist, end screen element types, and cards.


The audience is the last section in the analytics tab. It shows the details of the users who had watched your videos.

It shows the

  • returning viewers
  • unique viewers
  • subscribers

This data is shown for 90 days and is compared with the previous period. Subscribers metric shows the change in subscribers compared to the last same time spam either they are gained or lost.

Then below are the following cards:

  • When your viewers are on YouTube
  • Other channels your audience watches
  • Watch time from subscribers
  • Other videos your audience watched
  • Top geographies
  • Age and gender
  • Top subtitle/CC languages

This was all about the analytics section in the YouTube Studio. You have to understand analytics terms to gain more knowledge. It will be very helpful in growing your channel.


This tab contains all the comments and mentions your channel has got. You can manage all the comments on your videos from YouTube studio.

comments in YouTube Studio

You can do the following action on every single comment:

  • Reply
  • Like
  • Dislike
  • Heart
  • Remove
  • Report
  • Hide user from channel
  • Always approve comments from this user
  • Add this user as a comment moderator

You can manage all the comments on your channel. I suggest you to reply all the comments as it will engage the audience that will help you in growing your channel. Always be polite and sincere with your audience.

Read all the comments as there would be content ideas. Ask opinions from your viewers. Respond to their queries in comments.


Subtitles are the captions show in the video for viewers to easily understand your talk. You can add subtitles in any language on your YouTube videos easily.

Channel subtitles in youtube studio

You can select a default language for captions on your videos. YouTube will automatically add it and shows it on your videos.

But automatically generated captions maybe not as accurate as human written. So, you can write a transcript for every video and upload it in the subtitle.

You can upload a transcript file or type the text by defining time gaps. So, you can easily modify and upload the transcript for your YouTube videos.

If you want your subtitle language to be the same as video language then you can also allow YouTube to automatically generate subtitles for your videos.


The copyright section contains the list of videos that you have claimed your right. This means if someone uploads your video without your permission then you can claim your ownership for that video and ask YouTube for the removal of the video from the channel that copyrighted your video.

copyright YouTube studio

If someone has used your content in their videos then you can send a content removal request to them. Just click on “new removal request”.

To send a copyright request you need some information. First, you have to provide information about the content that is copyrighted.

Type of work that is copyrighted like:

  • Video
  • Original song
  • Software
  • Music
  • Artwork
  • Live performance
  • Copyrighted logo
  • other (explain)

Then paste the URL of the video you want to be removed from YouTube.

Next, you have to provide the information of the owner of the content (work) who is going to claim the copyright.

YouTube requires the following information about the copyright owner:

  • Party affected
  • Relationship to copyrighted content
  • Name of the copyright owner
  • Country
  • Phone number
  • Street Address
  • Primary email
  • City
  • Secondary email
  • State or province
  • ZIP code

YouTube claims that your personal information will not be shared with anyone but if it is required then you will be notified.

Then you have to fill in some removal options and agreements. It the end, sign the form and submit it.

In this way, you can claim all the content that you think belongs to you.


This section contains monetization information of your channel. If your channel is not monetized you will see the requirements to monetize your channel.

After having 4000 Hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers you can apply for monetization. You will review your content and then approved your channel if your content qualifies for monetization policies.

After your channel is monetized you can see all your earning details here. It shows all the reports related to monetization.


Customization allows you to change the look and appearance of your YouTube channel. So, you can design the layout of your channel. Let’s see what can you change with this.

channel customization in YouTube Studio

You have three customization options here. Let’s discuss one by one.


The layout section helps you to change the look of your channel. You have the option to select a channel trailer for those who haven’t subscribed to your channel to guide them about your channel.

Then select a feature video for returning visitors. It could be a most popular video of your channel or an introductory video.

Then you have a feature section that allows customizing the homepage of the channel with up to 12 sections. You can show popular videos, short videos, live streams, playlists, or feature channels in these sections.


In the branding section, you can upload the profile picture, banner image, and watermark for your channel.

Your watermark will be shown in the bottom right corner of the videos. You can customize when to show the watermark. It would be the channel name or logo in image form.

Basic info

Here you can change the following basic information about your channel:

  • Channel Name
  • Description
  • Language
  • URL
  • Links
  • Contact info

You can change the URL of your channel and also add links to websites that you want to share with your visitors.

Audio library

The audio library contains copyright-free music that you can use in your videos. It has a huge collection of audio music.

Audio library in YouTube Studio

It contains free music and sound effects to make your videos more stunning and professional.

You can embed in your videos from YouTube or download the audio and edit in any editing software.

You can search and filter the library to find the desired audio.

That was all about the features available in the YouTube studio. You can utilize those features and grow your YouTube channel.

YouTube Studio Settings

Now let’s discuss the settings area of YouTube Studio. It contains a bunch of useful settings and options to optimize your channel.

To open YouTube Studio settings just click on the “settings”  at the left bottom of the screen.

YouTube Studio Settings

The setting contains basic to advance level setting options. Let’s see what we can do to better optimize the YouTube channel.

The setting area contains:

  • General
  • Channel
  • Upload defaults
  • Permissions
  • Community
  • Agreements

The general setting contains default revenue currency in which you want to see your earnings.


Channel setting contains some useful options to optimize your channel.

In basic info, you can change the country of your residence. Below you can add keywords. Add those keywords that your users type in YouTube while searching for the content you provide.

Then some advanced settings like are your videos for kids. You can link your Google Ads account, show/hide the subscriber count, and disable interest-based advertisements on your channel.

In permissions, you can add new users and give them roles based on their access level to your channel. You can assign them the following roles:

  • Manager
  • Editor
  • Editor (limited)
  • Viewer
  • Viewer (limited)

Each role has its own level of access. You can further check in your YouTube Studio settings.

There are some other setting options but they are not useful. So, this was all about the YouTube Studio.

I have discussed everything to need to know about YouTube Studio. If you follow up the whole guide, it will be very useful for you as a YouTuber.

I hope it will help you a lot in growing your channel. If you face any problems in YouTube studio, you can comment below. I’ll answer all your queries.

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