8 Things to Consider When Buying Web Hosting For WordPress

8 Things to Consider When Buying Web Hosting

Hosting is used to store the files of your website. Hosting has also a major effect on the speed of your site. So, if you are going to create a WordPress site. Then before buying web hosting for your site. You should read these 8 things that can help you in buying good web hosting.

Good web hosting is very essential for your site. If you buy good web hosting it will benefit you at every point. Buying bad web hosting can lead you to a lot of revenue loss.

Hosting affects various elements of a site. Let’s say if you buy low-quality hosting that has a low speed. Then it will make your site slow. And slow sites are difficult to rank and also lose users.

Here are the 8 things to consider when buying web hosting for WordPress.

  1. Costing
  2. Reviews
  3. Storage
  4. Bandwidth
  5. Response Time
  6. Uptime
  7. 1 Click WP Install
  8. Free SSL

Check these 8 things before buying web hosting for your WordPress site.

I have experienced a lot of hosting and tested them. I have evaluated these 8 factors that you have to check before buying web hosting for your WordPress site.



Costing is the first thing to look at as money matters the most. In the cost of the hosting, you have to decide how much money you can easily spend on hosting.

Mostly hosting is bought for a year. So, you have to pay every year to the hosting provider to keep your site running.

Some hosting also offers cheap rates at the first buy but they increase the cost much high when you renew your hosting after 1 year. So, also look for the renewal cost of the hosting.

Many companies offer less price at buying a yearly plan or 3,4-year plan. Mean if you buy a yearly plan, you can get less price per month. But the price per month would be much high if you want to pay monthly.

In the end, you have to decide the amount you will be able to spend on hosting.

Here are some hosting provider prices.

  • Siteground starts at 6.99$ per month.
  • Hostinger starts at 0.99$ per month with 4-year plan.
  • Bluehost starts at 2.65$ per month with 3-year plan.
  • Namecheap starts at 1.58$ per month with 1-year plan.

There are many other good hosting providers with affordable cost. So, you can check the one which suits you best depending upon the remaining factors discussed in this post.



People always speak the truth. So, it’s a good way to detect the best web hosting. You can check for the reviews of every hosting and decide which hosting to buy based on reviews.

A user always says what they experience. You can check reviews of hosting on their social media pages. There are some review sites where you can check the reviews of different hosting before going to buy a hosting for you.

There is a list of some sites where you can check the reviews of hosting providers.

  • Google My Business
  • Facebook
  • Yelp
  • YellowPages
  • HostAdvice
  • Review Blogs
  • YouTube Channels

You can check for the hosting reviews on all the above sites. You can also search on YouTube for the best hosting.

Check reviews on different sites to better decide the best hosting for your WordPress site.



Storage of hosting is the webspace that is allocated by the hosting provider to you. It also matters a lot while buying a hosting.

If you are going to build a company site having 3-5 pages alone then you don’t need much storage space. But if you are going to make an e-commerce store containing millions of product data along with product videos then you need it.

Some hosting providers also offer unlimited storage. But some provide limited webspace. So, always check the storage provided by the hosting provider before buying hosting for WordPress.

Let’s say if you are going to make a movie site. Then you need to upload movies having storage in GBs. Then you should buy hosting with unlimited storage.

It is also a factor that you should look at while buying hosting but sometimes it doesn’t matter if you are going to make a 1-page site.



Bandwidth is the amount of traffic that hosting would be able to handle per month. It is one of the most important factors for hosting.

If your hosting doesn’t have enough bandwidth then you are going to lose traffic and revenue as it wouldn’t be able to handle the traffic.

It is data that a website can transfer in per unit time. So, whenever a user comes to your site. It sends a request to your server where your site is hosted. That server has to provide the data that is requested by the user from the browser.

Bandwidth is measured in Gigabytes. Some hosting companies offer unlimited bandwidth. If you would say how much bandwidth should I need. There is no answer to this question as it depends on the traffic you are going to get.

Consider your web page size is 60KB and you are going to get 10,000 visitors per month. Then you can calculate the monthly bandwidth you need.  60*10,000=600,000KB per month. It would be about 600 MB per month.

You can find the bandwidth in the description of the hosting plan. So, always check the bandwidth before buying a hosting. If you are going to generate millions of traffic then buy hosting with good or unlimited bandwidth.

If you will buy low bandwidth hosting then it wouldn’t be able to handle the traffic and make your site slow. So, you will lose traffic and money too.

Response Time

Response Time

Response time is the time your hosting server takes to respond back to the request sent by the browser to your web. It is the time server takes for the first byte. Like how fast a server sends the first byte(unit of storage, data) of data.

Response time is usually the speed of your server to respond to the browser request. It is one of the most critical factors as speed affects the ranking.

If you buy bad hosting having very high response time then it would affect your site speed which will affect the ranking of your site.

The ideal response time should be under 100ms (milliseconds). If your hosting response time increases 500ms then you are going to have trouble.

There are some speed tools like PingdomGoogle PageSpeed Insights to check the response time of your hosting server. You can also check the speed of your hosting at Bitcatcha.

You can’t check response time before buying a hosting. A good hosting always has a good response time. I will give you recommendations at the end about some best hosting.


Uptime is the time that your hosting server remains up and live which keeps your site live. Basically, it’s the amount of time that your site remains online in the whole year.

Uptime is the most critical factor of hosting as if hosting has a low uptime then your site gonna be down for much time.

There is no exact tool or method to measure the uptime of hosting. You just have to rely on the numbers provided by the hosting company. Many hosting companies offer 99.9% uptime but it’s not always true.

Let’s say if a hosting company has 99% uptime it means that your site is going to be off 3.5 days. That’s too much if you think. It can make you lose so much revenue.

99.9% is an ideal uptime of about 9 hours a year your site will be off. Always buy hosting with max uptime.

You can check for the reviews of hosting there you will be able to see the uptime of hosting.

In WordPress, you can set up different plugins to monitor the uptime of your site. These plugins will inform you whenever your site goes down.

1 Click WP Install

As we are talking about buying hosting for WordPress. So, there would be 1 click WordPress install option. This means you will be able to install WordPress in a single click.

Most of the shared web hosting has 1 click install option. But VPS hosting doesn’t offer that there you have to code to host the WordPress on your server.

If you are a tech guy having coding skill then it would be ok without that option. But if you are a non-tech person having no experience in coding then you must need 1 click WP Install option.

As WordPress is the most popular CMS that is used by most of the sites hosted on the internet. Therefore you should check for 1 click app install option before buying a hosting.

Free SSL

SSL is a security certificate that makes the connection between the user and hosting secure. It is an essential part of the site as Chrome shows a site not secure that doesn’t have SSL installed on it.

Many hosting providers give free SSL along with the hosting but some charge for it. Check for the free SSL before buying web hosting.

SSL is also a ranking factor in SEO. You can further read about SSL here.

These were 8 things to consider when buying web hosting for WordPress. It will help you a lot in choosing perfect hosting.

8 Things to Consider When Buying Web Hosting

8 Things to Consider When Buying Web Hosting

In the start, many people buy hosting without having exact knowledge about it. But they have to regret it after some time when they face many issues. So, check these things and buy the most reliable hosting for your WordPress site.

Here is a list of some best hosting that you can buy. All these hosting have been tested based on the above 8 points.

I hope you would be clear now about buying web hosting. If you still have any questions about hosting you can ask in the comments section or contact us.

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