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How to create a LinkedIn Business Page to Acquire Customers

LinkedIn Importance

LinkedIn is a very large social media platform. It has 675 million total users by March, 2020. The best thing about LinkedIn is that it has a professional user base. So, LinkedIn is very effective medium for businesses to drive traffic. It is best for B2B marketing companies especially. It is also used for hiring high qualified employees. 

Creating a LinkedIn Business Page


So, I’m going to write about how to create a LinkedIn business page to increase your traffic which in turn increases your customers. For creating a business page on LinkedIn you must be signed in to an individual account on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn business page creation


Go to LinkedIn Business Page. Click on create your page.

create a LinkedIn Business Page


You have given 4 options here to describe your business.

  • Small Business
If you have a small business like an e-commerce store, repairing shop, electronic shop, marketing agency, extra. So, select this option, if you have a small company with a fewer than 200 employees.
  • Medium to Large Business
Select this option if you have a large company. Like you have a car manufacturing, cloth manufacturing or any other larger corporation with more than 200 employees.
  • Showcase Page
If you already have you LinkedIn business page and you just want to make a page to show your services or products. Then select this option. This showcase page will be attached with you main business page.
  • Educational Institution
Select this, if you want to make your educational institution page on LinkedIn. If you want to make a page for school, college, academy or university. 

I’m going to select small business here for a sample. So select according to your’s. 


After selecting, a new section will appear. Here you will have to provide complete details of your company or business. Provide the name, website, industry type, size of company, logo and a tagline of your business. After providing all the information tick mark the privacy policy checkbox and click on create page.

LinkedIn business page view


After creating page, insert your business details. Complete your page to gain more traffic. Provide description , location and hashtags for your business. 

So, you have created your LinkedIn business page. If you have any query comment below. We will reach you to fulfill your need. 

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