Facebook Ads Setup Guide

Facebook Ads Setup Guide [2021]

Facebook is the biggest social media platform having more than 2.8 billion monthly active users. This platform is a great opportunity for businesses to target their potential customers.

As Facebook profiles are fully customized. So, every business can easily target their most potential customer by advertising on Facebook.

If you are looking to set up Facebook ads for your business. You don’t need to be an expert. You can easily create and run ads using the automated tools provided by Facebook.

Here you will the learn step-by-step process about Facebook Ads setup.

For advertising on Facebook, you need a Facebook Page for your business. Here is a guide to Facebook Page for Business.

To advertise on Facebook, open your Facebook page. 

Then go to the ad center. There you have 3 options for advertising.

  1. Automated Ads
  2. Choose a Goal
  3. Boost Existing Content
Facebook Ads start

Now let’s discuss all of them one-by-one. So, that you will understand better about everything you need to know related to Facebook Ads.

Automated Ads

if you are unfamiliar with advertising then this option is for you. In this Facebook will automatically test different ad types for your business. 

If you want Facebook to run your ads. Then choose Automated Ads and answer few questions about your business.

Now I’m going to teach you the best way to advertise on Facebook. So, below are the steps you have to follow to become an expert in Facebook Ads.

Choose a Goal

In this way, you can create a fully customized Facebook ad that will generate maximum ROI.

Thefirst step is to choose a goal for advertising. Without goal, nothing would achieve in the end. So, you have to decide the goal of your advertisement.

Ask yourself the below questions. They will help you in choosing the perfect goal.

  • Why I’m advertising?
  • What I want users to do?
  • What do I want to achieve?

After answering these questions you will be able to decide your goal more accurately.

Here is a list of goals that are available in Facebook Ads.

  • Get More Messages
  • Build Your Business
  • Get More Website Visitors
  • Get More Leads
  • Boost a Post
  • Promote Your Page

So you have to choose the goal of your ad from the above-provided goals. When you select your goal, Facebook will design the ad according to your goal.

Let’s say you want to build your business. Select it and then create the ad. 

Ad Creative

There you can design the look of your Facebook Ad. First, you have to write a well-formatted description of your ad. Your ad description must be so attractive that it pulls the viewers to click on it.

Then upload the media of your ad. You can upload up to 5 images or videos. After that write a crafting headline that will convert.

If your business has a website then you can link to it. In this way, you can drive traffic to your website and generate more leads or sales.


This is the most important part of Ad. Without knowing your targeted audience, you will be just wasting your effort and money.

There you have to select the audience who will see your ad. 

Facebook Ad audience

To target future customers, you have to create a buyer persona. You can hire someone professional to create your company buyer persona. In this, you have to write all the details of your customers.

You have to select the following characteristics of your target audience.

  • Gender
  • Age Range
  • Locations

Detailed Targeting

  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Behaviors

You can even target a more specific audience by selecting more specifications in the Facebook ad manager.

In detailed targeting, you have to select their interests like in what things your potential customers might be interested in. Then you have to tell their behaviors and demographics like they might be manager or businessman.

In Facebook, you can target a more specific audience than Google Ads as Facebook knows everything about their audience from age to their interests.

Facebook will show you the potential audience you can reach based on your audience selection.


Select the duration of your ad. You have to select a start and end date based on your budget.

Then select the amount you want to spend daily. Below you will see estimated reach based on your daily budget. Actual reach and engagement might be less or more than the estimated one.

You can also stop and start the ad at the specific time of the day when most of your targeted audience is active on Facebook. You can even run the ad at a specific time of the day for specific hours.


Instagram and Messenger are products of Facebook. So you can also run the same ad on Instagram and Messenger.

Finally, add the payment method and click the promote button. Facebook will start showing your ad to the targeted audience. 

This was everything you need to know about Facebook Ads. I hope it will help you a lot in advertising on Facebook.

Boost Existing Content

There is also an option to boost your existing content on Facebook. If you want to boost your existing post in Facebook ads then select this option.

First, select the post you want to boost by Facebook Ads. Then insert a button on your Ad so that audience can take action like “Learn More or Sign Up”. 

The further process is same. Select the audience, budget, duration, and placement. In this way, you can promote your existing content.

Tips for Facebook Ads

  • Track your ad regularly after running it live. It will help you in making future decisions.
  • Check the time when your ad gets more engagement and reach. So, you can stop the ad when your audience is offline.
  • Define your audience properly before promoting an ad.
  • Set your budget keeping in mind ROI (Return on Investment). Don’t spend too much money on ads.

If you keep in mind all these tips while advertising on Facebook, you will get maximum ROI.

if you have any queries about Facebook Ads, you can comment below.

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