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Create a Facebook Business Account – Facebook Page

Facebook is a largest social media platform. It has massive amount of users. By the start of 2020, it has 2.6 billion active users. The audience is very huge. Therefore, it is very useful platform for every business.

You can create a Facebook Business account to utilize this social app with massive traffic. In this way you will be able to drive more traffic and generate more revenue from Facebook also. 

Facebook Business Page

Every business must have to create a page on Facebook to reach that massive amount of users  available on Facebook. So, below are the steps for creating a Facebook Business account.

Login to your Facebook account. Go to home page of your Facebook account. In the sidebar there will be a pages tab. Click on pages.

facebook dashboard


Clicking on pages will take you the Facebook pages section. Next you will see a “create page” button. Click on this button to start creating creating your page.

create facebook page


Then, it will take you to the section of creating a new Facebook page. There will be two options for you:     

  • Business or Brand page
  • Community or Public figure page
creating a page on facebook


As you are creating a Facebook page for your business. So, click on get started under Business or Brand page section.

create a page on facebook for business


So now get start creating your page on Facebook for business. First type the name of your business in the page name. Next type category that best describes your business. Type words related to your business category it will show you related results. Select the one which best describes your business. 


business page details


After inserting business name and category, next it will show your next details to insert. Put your business complete address. Next type the contact number of your business. Phone number is option.

If you want to just show the region of your business then tick mark the checkbox below. Finally click continue.


profile picture for facebok business page


Upload your business profile picture. Next upload a cover photo for your business page.

Now you have created your page on Facebook for business. Next step is to complete further information about your business to make a complete professional business page.

facebook page settings


Go to settings ==>Edit Page Info

Provide your page description. Write a brief introduction of your business in the description. Provide contact number. Next put the website address of your business. Provide an email address of your business. Write the service area if you have any. Put the office hours. 

Next explore the general settings. Change these settings according to your need. There are many useful settings so go and check them. Make your business page a professional looking and well managed to drive customers. 

You can manage your Facebook Business Account/page easily by using your phone also. Facebook has provided an app named Business Suite which is available on Android and iOS.

You can download Facebook Business Suite App from below links for your desired device.

So, you have created your page on Facebook for business. Follow above steps. if you need any hep comment below. I hope you enjoyed reading. Share this to help others. 

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