Build a Professional LinkedIn Profile

Build a Professional LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals. Most of the people using LinkedIn belong to a specific field.

Most of the companies find their employees using LinkedIn ads. As professionals are using LinkedIn so it is easy for every company to find a perfect person for a specific job.

If you are a business owner or working in any specific company. Then you should make your LinkedIn profile.

Even if you are looking for a job then make a professional LinkedIn profile to make it more attractive and visible to the recruiters of the companies. 

Make your profile fully optimized and perfect. As it is taken as your resume.

Creating a personal profile on LinkedIn is similar to other social media platforms. Just go to LinkedIn.

You can create a profile using your email or Gmail account.

Sign Up LinkedIn Profile

Provide your email and set a strong password for your account. Then click the button below.

Sign Up LinkedIn

There provide your First and Last name. Then click the continue button.

After that select the country and provide your phone number just for a security check.

After verifying your phone number now your LinkedIn profile is created.

What should you include on your LinkedIn profile?

So, after creating a profile you should have to put some details on your LinkedIn profile to make it more professional looking.

Profile and Cover Photo

So, you must put your real photo as your profile picture. Your profile photo should be attractive and more professional rather than some selfie.

In the cover photo, you can put your group photo or any other photo related to your profession.

Education and Experience

Then provide your education details to make your profile more attractive and real. You can include your school, high school, college, and university education details. 

You should also put your certifications details in your LinkedIn profile to show your skills to the people finding you.

After education insert your experience. You can add all the jobs that you have done previously. It will help the new recruiters to understand your previous experience.

Skills and Accomplishments

Then add the skills in which you are an expert. You should write all the skills that you have learned in your education career or by any other means. It will make your profile more professional and visible.

So, add accomplishments that you have achieved so far in your life. If you have taken part in any competitions or completed any courses. Add all your achievements here. Your publications, courses, projects, awards, and languages.

Using LinkedIn For Finding a Job

Yes, that’s right. As a beginner or an expert, you can use LinkedIn to find a perfect job for you. There are many recruiters of all the companies on LinkedIn who actively use it to find the employees for their company.

By making a professional LinkedIn profile you can increase your chance of being hired/recruited. Follow the above steps and insert all the details on your LinkedIn profile.

So, you can use LinkedIn for many purposes. If you are an HR in a company you can find a perfect employee and if you are a graduate or unemployed then find a job for you.

LinkedIn is a helpful platform for employees as well as employers. So, just signup now and make a  professional profile on LinkedIn.

How to engage people to grow your connections?

Just like friends on Facebook you can connect peoples in your network on LinkedIn. You can send connection requests to add peoples to your connection.

To make your profile being noticeable you can post regularly. Engage with your connections on their posts. 

Share your stories and learnings with the people to keep your connections engaged. And participate in group discussions to grow and share your knowledge.

Why is your LinkedIn profile more important than ever?

You should create a LinkedIn profile as most of the recruiters find the employees on LinkedIn. It is the most professional platform to show your experience and services to the companies and other professionals.

If you are a freelancer then it would be a source for you to get new projects by attracting new customers. You can even direct talk to companies and their managers. 

If you are a student or a professional you should create a profile on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Profile for CV (Resume)

You can even use your LinkedIn profile as a CV and send it to the recruiters.

To make a CV using the LinkedIn profile you can download your profile as a PDF and use it as your resume. Or you can build a custom resume using your LinkedIn profile.

Make a professional LinkedIn profile. Then open up the profile. There, just right to the profile picture click on the more button.

LinkedIn Profile for CV(Resume)

There you can download your profile as a PDF or make a resume by adding some additional information. Then you can use this as a CV for your next jobs.

This was all about the LinkedIn profile. I have covered why you need a LinkedIn profile and how to make a professional LinkedIn profile.

If you have any queries, then comment below. Learn about process to create a LinkedIn Business Page.

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