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YouTube Keyword Research Tips and Tools

                     YouTube is a biggest platform of video content. It is also considered as a second largest search engine after Google, although it is a product of Google. YouTube contains billions of videos. There are millions of users on YouTube who search videos daily according to their needs.

You have to do the keyword research before uploading videos on YouTube. So here I’m going to tell you in detail about YouTube keyword research.

YouTube keyword research is a little bit different from the keyword research for web. As YouTube contains video content so queries of people changes while searching on YouTube.

You can research keywords for YouTube by some of the ways.

First we might use YouTube search suggestions for our keywords. YouTube suggests about what people are searching for. We can utilize these keywords. YouTube also provide related searches at the end of page. We can use those keywords too. They give us the idea about what people are searching on YouTube and which keywords they are using. You also check top ranked videos for your video keyword. Check these top ranked videos title, descriptions and tags to better understand. Get the idea of keywords from these top ranked videos.


There are a couple of tools for YouTube keyword research. They help us a lot in keyword research. They make our work easy and more efficient.



Tubebuddy is a tool for YouTube keyword research.  It is an extension for Chrome and Firefox too. It has a free version which is accessible by using signing up Google account. It gives us the much data about keyword

  • Searches per month
  • Competition and Score
  • Max and min views
  • Keyword in title, description and tags
  • Top channel
  • Related used tags
  • Related searches

So as we seen there is a long list of stats and details provided by Tubebuddy. In free version these stats are given but are limited. You can upgrade to get unlimited keyword ideas to rank for. But I don’t think so that there is any need to upgrade. You can get enough data by free version.



VidIQ is also very useful tool for YouTube keyword research. It shows result and details similar to the Tubebuddy.

It provides search volume, competition and difficulty score to rank for the keyword. Also tells us about how many videos contain this keyword in their title, description and tags. It gives us top related searchs with high search volume.

So you can use these tools and YouTube suggestions in your
YouTube keyword research. This will help you a lot in making an effective
strategy for you YouTube channel. So always do a research on topic before
uploading a video.


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