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XML Sitemap Creation for SEO and Submit in Search Console

Sitemaps are the maps of your website. Sitemaps are very useful in SEO. Basically there are two types of sitemap XML and HTML sitemap. XML sitemap are for search engines and HTML sitemap are for users. XML sitemap is our main focus in SEO. XML sitemap generally tells search engine about the web pages of our website. It tells search engine the URLS of all the pages and their updation frequency. 

XML sitemap tells search engines that which pages to crawl and index. They help search engine in indexing and crawling websites.

So, we are going to learn how to generate sitemaps for our website. You can create a sitemap manually as well as there are plenty of tools for sitemap creation. As creating a sitemap manually takes a lot of time especially for larger websites. So, I will tell a tool from which you can generate your website sitemap easily.

XML-sitemaps is a website from which you can create your website sitemap easily and download it i XML file for free. You can generate your sitemap here: create sitemap

XML Sitemap creation

Put your website address (URL) in the box and click start. It will start creating a sitemap for you. It may take a minute or less. After that a new screen appears. There will be a download button. Click on download sitemap and it will be downloaded.

Download XML sitemap

After downloading it. Now you have to upload it to your main web directory. The location of sitemap would be:

” youdomain.com/sitemap.xml “

If your website is developed  by coding then go to your web hosting. Sign-in to your cpanel. There will be file manager. In file manager go to public_html folder. Upload your downloaded sitemap in the public_html folder.

Many websites are developed by WordPress nowadays. So if your website is on WordPress. Then install a plugin for the creation of sitemap. Google XML sitemap is a plugin you call install. It will automatically upload your sitemap in your wweb directory. It will also update the sitemap whenever you publish a new post or page. You can install the plugin by going into plugin section in your WordPress dashboard. Or you can download it here and upload it manually to your WordPress plugins section.

Google XML sitemap Plugin

Now you have created your XML sitemap and uploaded it in your website directory. Next step is to upload this sitemap in Google Search Console to tell the Google to index these pages of your website.

So, sign-in to Google Search Console (previously known as Google webmaster tool). 

Click on Sitemap in Index section.

GSC sitemap


After clicking on sitemap. Sitemap submission screen will appear. Enter “sitemap.xml” in the add new sitemap option. Click submit after entering it.

submit sitemap in search console


After clicking submit. You sitemap will be submitted to Google search engine. After some days Google will start indexing and crawling your web pages present in the sitemap. 

I hope it helped you a lot. If you found any error in creating and submitting sitemap. You can comment below. We will help you.

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