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Site Kit: Free Plugin For Google Analytics, GSC and AdSense

Site Kit is a free official WordPress plugin developed by Google. It gives insights about how well your site is performing in the search results. Site Kit tells about how people find and use your WordPress website.

Site Kit is amazing all in one plugin for integrating all the major products of Google with your WordPress website.

site kit

Google Analytics

This tool helps to track the visitors to your site. It shows the complete demographics of the users coming to your site. Further, learn about using Google Analytics.

Google Search Console

It is a webmaster tool for insights about how people find your site in the search results. This tool helps to see how well out site is performing. 

You can check what queries people are using to find your site.

PageSpeed Insights

This tool is for checking the speed of your site. It also gives tips for increasing the speed of your web pages. It is very helpful as page speed is a ranking factor by Google.

So, improve your site speed by the tips from PageSpeed Insights.

Google AdSense

It helps you to see your AdSense earning details. Google AdSense is a platform for publishers by Google for earning money from website visitors.

As you see this tool comes with all the options in one place. You will get all these Google product data in your WordPress site dashboard. It will show your site analytics, performance, page speed, and AdSense earnings data.

Installing and Integrating Site Kit

This is available in the WordPress official plugins repository. You can download it from there. It is also available in the WordPress dashboard plugins section.

Site Kit installation and activation is quite simple. Just go to plugins and add new ones. There search for Site Kit. Then install and activate the plugin.

site kit plugin

After activating the plugin. Then click on the Site Kit option in the dashboard sidebar. After that, complete the setup wizard for Site Kit.

Site Kit by Google setup

You just have to sign in using your Google account. Then verify the ownership of your site.

After signing in with Google account. Then add your website URL in the Search Console. Site Kit will automatically place the verification code on your site and verifies your property.

Just that, you can also go to analytics and install Google Analytics on your site. You even don\’t need to put a single line of code. You can set up all the Google products simply by connecting your Google account with the site kit.

site kit connection

Site Kit will also place the Google AdSense code automatically. You just have to connect your AdSense account with Site Kit. 

If you want to show auto ads, then Site Kit will do all the work. You can see your AdSense earnings and impressions in the WordPress dashboard under Site Kit section.

So, after connecting all the accounts, you can see data of these Google products in your dashboard. 

There will be a section where you can see Google Analytics, Search Console, and AdSense data. You can also check your site speed in the dashboard by going to Site Kit dashboard and scrolling down.

site kit dashboard

So, this is a very amazing plugin. It is also trustworthy and reliable as it is developed by Google. By using this plugin, you can get rid of all other separate plugins for Google Analytics, Search Console, and AdSense.

It is one-stop solution for all Google products to track and check the performance of your WordPress website. You can see the data in your WordPress dashboard.

I hope it will help you in installing and integrating the Site Kit plugin. Enjoy the plugin. Comment below if you face any difficulty. We will be pleased to help you.

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