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How to rank a YouTube Video – YouTube SEO

YouTube is considered as 2nd largest search engine because of it’s popularity. Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. Every day 30 million visitors come to YouTube. According to research there are more than 2 billion users of YouTube worldwide. 

According to these stats, you can guess the opportunity on YouTube for people. Because of high opportunity, the competition is also very high. So, for YoutTubers ranking a video to get maximum views is very difficult. 

There are many videos on same topic, so there is an algorithm of YouTube to rank a video for a particular keyword. So, to rank our video on the top, we need to optimize our video. We need to use some SEO tactics to rank a YouTube video. 

So, I’m going to discuss completely about how to rank a YouTube video. Using these tactics and methods you will be able to rank your YouTube video high.

First thing is to do a better keyword research for your YouTube video. I have explained a complete YouTube Keyword Research topic. Read it at YouTube Keyword Research.

Next step is to use these keywords in your video and rank it on YouTube. So, start uploading your video. I have also wrote on steps for uploading a video on YouTube

Steps to Optimize a Video to Rank on YouTube

To rank a YouTube video and keep users engaged you have to optimize every element of YouTube video. Read below best practices carefully to rank YouTube video high.


Use your keyword in title of your video. You can also use the keyword twice. Keyword in the title will help you rank YouTube video by showing relevancy. You have 100 characters limit. Your video title must be attractive and catchy to attract the viewers. Use some words like: top 10, best, 20 best, etc. Use numbers or other words to make your YouTube video title attractive. 


This is also a ranking factor. Use the main keyword in the description with a density of 5%. Keyword must fit naturally in the content. Description is limited to 5000 characters. So, you can provide a complete script of your video. You can also provide link of related videos in the description to engage users.


Thumbnail is a still picture that shows up on the video in the search. You thumbnail would be a very interesting picture that attracts the viewers to click on the video. A catchy thumbnail increases CTR (click-through-rate) of a video. Thumbnail must be professional and attractive.


Playlist is a collection of similar videos. So, add your video to a playlist that contains same type of videos. It will help in user engagement. Creating a playlist help users to discover the content faster. You can add a video to more than one playlist also.


Tags are also very useful in ranking a video. Put keywords in the tag. Also put the misspelled words in the tags to rank your video for that  keywords. Tags also help in ranking a YouTube video. You have 500 characters limit. So, always use tags. Use them effectively.

Language and Subtitles

Select the language of your video. Also upload the subtitles with timing. It will help users to watch the section of a video which is useful for them. You can upload different language subtitles to increase your viewers. 

Recording Date and Location

You can also put the date and location of recording. If your video is about a particular location. Then put your recording location, it will help your video to rank for that particular location.


Select the relevant category for your video. It also helps in rank for that particular category. 

End Screen

You can add the related content to show up when the video ends. It will help in promoting the related content. So, use this feature of YouTube to stay connected with your viewers. Add related videos in the end screen. 


Cards section is use to promote the content within the video. You can use this feature to add any content at any second of video. Provide related links and videos at the appropriate time in the cards. You you talk something else in your video, then provide a link to that thing to make viewers engaged. You can also provide a link to the website.


So, after selecting all these option. Just make your video public and publish it. Now it is available on the YouTube to everyone.

These were the most important elements in ranking your YouTube video. Use these steps and optimize your video to rank on YouTube. Optimizing every element will help you rank your video in the search result and also in the YouTube related videos. So, use above knowledge to rank YouTube video.

I hope your enjoy reading this. Share this information with others. Sharing is caring. Comment below your queries. We will reach you.

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