Rank Math Complete SEO plugin for WordPress

Rank Math: A Free Complete SEO Plugin For WordPress

Rank Math is a completely free Search Engine Optimization plugin for WordPress. It comes with all the core features of SEO in it. The important point is that Rank Math is a free plugin with all premium features in it.

Installing and activating rank math plugin is quite simple. As we install other plugins. Just go to the WordPress dashboard. 

Move over to the plugins section. Then click on add new. And finally, type rank math in the search box. Then install and activate the plugin.

installing rank math seo plugin

You can also download the plugin for Rank Math official website in the zip file and upload it to your WordPress plugins. Here is the link.

After installing and activating the plugin. A setup screen will appear. There you can create a free account of Rank Math and connect.

It will help you in scanning SEO errors within your WordPress dashboard. You can create a free account if you want. Else skip this option.

rank math setup wizard

So, you can connect your account by simply signing up using your Gmail account. You can also signup using your Facebook account. It is free to use. 

So, I suggest you go and create your account on Rank Math. That’s all. Now your Rank Math plugin is active.

Rank Math Wizard Setup

After connecting your account. It will take you through some steps for SEO settings.

First, you have to select the setup configuration. There are two options easy and advanced. If you want that Rank Math automatically will do all the SEO stuff, then go for easy. But if you want to manage all SEO settings by yourself, then select advanced.

Setup Wizard - Rank Math

After selecting the best option, then click the start wizard button below.

Here is another benefit of Rank Math. If you were using some other SEO plugin like (Yoast, All in One SEO), you can easily import all your data into Rank Math without losing your the previous settings.

Import settings Setup Wizard - Rank Math

Here just select the data which you want to import from previous plugin. After selecting, click on the import below. It will take a minute to import all your previous SEO settings to Rank Math.

Then just select some of the settings for your website. There select your site purpose, then upload the logo for Google and social media share. Then click on save and continue.

Now, verify your Google Search Console. Here click on get authorization code. Go to the Search Console account. There you will get your code. Copy that code and paste it in the Rank Math. Click on authorize.

Google Search Console Setup Wizard - Rank Math

If you have not yet created your Google Search Console account. You can skip this setup. Then, you can add it later too.

Sitemap Configuration in Rank Math

Then comes the sitemap section in the setup wizard. A sitemap tells Google about all the URLs of your site. It is a very important SEO factor.

It will help Google in crawling and indexing of your website. You have to just turn on the sitemap, then Rank Math will create it for you.

sitemap Setup Wizard - Rank Math

Rank Math will select these options by default. Keep these options selected. You can change these settings later too, in the WordPress dashboard. After this click on save and continue.

In the last, there come some optimization steps. Just keep default and click on continue. So, now your site is ready. You have completed the Rank Math configuration with your WordPress site.

Rank Math

Rank Math option will appear in the WordPress dashboard sidebar. Here you can access all your SEO settings. You can change and update all the settings here.

Rank Math Dashboard

Its dashboard contains all SEO settings.

There is a 404 monitor option. By which you can monitor all the 404 errors that your visitors will come across. It also helps you to redirect all the 404s errors to the custom page or page.

Then if you are using AMP plugin. There is an option for AMP too. Turn this on. It will add all the SEO metadata to the AMP pages.

You can turn on the image SEO option. It will automatically add the alt and title tags to images. You can also set other image SEO settings.

There is an option for redirection. You can add 301 and 302 redirects here easily. It will improve the ranking of your site by reducing the error pages.

You can just turn on all other schemas, sitemap, SEO analysis, and many more settings.

General Setting

There are so many important SEO settings in this section.

  • Links
You can change the settings for links on your site. You can redirect all orphan links to your homepage. There is an option to nofollow all the external links and image file links too. You can target the external links to open in a new tab.


  • Breadcrumbs
There is an option for breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs are a navigation scheme that tells the user where he/she is on the website. You can turn this on, to help users easily navigate on your site.


  • Images

In the images section. You have an option to automatically insert the missing alt and title tags to all images. Just by turning on the option. Rank Math will itself add all the missing title and alt tags to the images.

  • Webmaster Tools

Here, you can verify the Google, Bing, Baidu, Alexa, and Yandex webmaster tools. You just have to insert the verification code in their section. So, this verification is quite easy. 

You don’t have to edit your HTML file to insert the code. You can verify just by putting the verification code or ID here in the Rank Math.

  • Edit Robots.txt

Without going to file manager, you can access and edit your robots.txt file. This file is used to control the search engine crawlers. It is used to discourage the search engine from crawling some pages.

  • Edit .htaccess

htaccess is a very important server file used for high-level configurations of the website. You can even access and edit this file here.

But only edit this file, if you know everything about it. Because the only change of a single character can damage your entire website. So, be careful.

Title and Meta

Here you can set all the SEO titles and meta tags for your website. You can set the global site Title. Then you can set the open graph thumbnail, which will show up while sharing on Facebook.

There is a section for social media, where you can verify your social IDs. It will show up authorship when someone shares your posts or pages on social media.

  • HomePage

You can set the title and meta description for the homepage. You can read meta tags SEO best practices to write an optimized title and meta description of your site. There is an option to set the title and description for Facebook.

You can set the schema for the posts and pages. Rank Math will add the schema tags to all your posts and page. It will help in SEO. 

Then set the options for categories and tags. You can noindex them if you do not want them to appear in Google.

SEO Analysis

his section contains the SEO analysis of your site. Rank Math scores out of 100 based on SEO factors. It analyzes your site and scores it. Rank Math provides complete basic, advanced, and performance level SEO analysis.

It gives you the errors and tells you how to fix them. So, you can use this analysis section and optimize your site for SEO. 

Remove all the warnings and fix all the errors provided here. It also provides some security level analysis of the site.

Posts SEO

When you write a post or create a page. Rank Math shows settings there. It provides SEO score based on optimization of your post.

Rank Math New Post SEO setting

There will be an option of Rank Math whenever you write a post. It provides you with score and also gives errors. So, you just have to follow the tips and remove those errors.

Rank Math scores posts based on some content, title, permalink, keyword, and description level optimization. You can increase your Rank Math SEO score by removing the errors it shows up.

Snipped Setting and Preview

Rank Math SEO snippet preview

Click on the edit snipped in the rank math setting. There you can write the title, permalink, and meta description of your post. It shows you live preview that how your post looks in the search result. It also gives your the character limit to keep them optimized.

You can also set the title, description, and thumbnail for the social snippet. It show a live preview of your post for Facebook and Twitter. So, you can optimize your post or page completely.

Social schema for post in rank math

So, you have full control over how your post will look on different platforms. So, just set all the settings to fully optimize your posts.

Schema Type in Rank Math

Even you can add schema type to every post and page. You can select the schema for your post and then put the settings according to your schema type. 

There is an option for schema types of:

  • Article
  • Book
  • Course
  • Event
  • Job Posting
  • Music
  • Person
  • Product
  • Recipe
  • Restaurant
  • Service
  • Software
  • Application
  • Video

So, you have every kind of schema option here. It provides all the options for every schema type. Set the schema of your post. It will help you in search results. It will optimize the visibility in the SERP.

So, as you see Rank Math is a complete solution for WordPress SEO. It comes with all the SEO features. And the benefit is that it is absolutely free. You can optimize your entire WordPress site using this plugin.

These were all the SEO functionality Rank Math provides. Use this free SEO tool, and optimize your site to rank high. Search Engine Optimization is very crucial for every site.

Because most of the traffic comes from Google search. So, we have to optimize our site and increase its ranking to get more organic free traffic.

For WordPress users, this is a complete on-page and technical SEO solution. Use this free plugin and enjoy it.

This was all from the Rank Math SEO plugin for WordPress. I hope it cleared all the options available in Rank Math. If you face any issue in using the plugin, you can comment below. Share this with others, as sharing is caring.

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