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Meta Tags SEO | Optimization of Meta tags

Meta tags are the most important page level factors. They play a vital role in the ranking of web page. They are important SEO factors. They help in the ranking of a web page. They shows relevancy of a page with keywords to the search engine.

Meta tags are basically HTML tags that give information about the web page. They are not visible on the web page but they are very crucial for SEO. Meta tags are present in the head section of the page HTML code. They control the look of a web page in the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

Here is the list of Meta tags that are important for SEO.

meta title tag in serp

Title tag is like the headline of a newspaper. It shows that what would be in the page. Title tag is a major component of on-page optimization. Main keyword of page must be placed at the start of title tag and brand name at the end of title unless you became a big brand and you think that you would be recognized by your brand name.

Title tag syntax is:

<title> Title of your web page </title>


It will be in the head section of your page html code.

Best Practices for title tag


  • Max length would be 55-60 characters
  • Keyword at the start
  • Use Keyword no more than twice
  • Separate Keywords with hyphen (-)
  • Separate brand name with pipe (|)
  • Don’t use special characters


So while writing the title tag keeps these practices in mind. Utilize complete space of 60 characters. Don’t write short title and also not exceed the limit because Google cut down the extra characters. Write an attracting title tag because a fully optimized title tag will attract the users. 

Meta Description Tag

Meta Description result

Description also plays an important role in optimizing web page. Meta description tag shows an overview of a web page. While reading description user must understand the content that will be in the web page. So description tag must be informative and fully optimized to make user click on the link and read the post or whatever he/she is looking for.

Meta Description syntax:


<meta name=“description ” content=“ description will be here”/>

This tag will also be found in head section of html code of web page.

Best practices for Description tag:


  • Max length would be of 160 characters.
  • Use keyword at the start
  • Use main keyword 3-5 times
  • Use synonym and LSI keywords for support.
  • Give information about the page
  • No use of special character

                So here we have 160 characters to tell about our web page. Utilize this to write a fully optimized description of a web page that will show relevancy to search engine and also attract the users.

Meta Keyword Tag

Although keyword tag is not used by Google as a ranking factor but it is still used by some other search engines (like Baidu). This tag was basically used to list the keywords related to the content of web page. But people started stuffing keywords in this tag to the cheat the search engine. So now it is not considered as ranking factor by Google.

Syntax of Keyword tag:

<meta name= “keyword” content= “Keyword1, keyword2, keyword3…….”/>


Just use 3-4 main keywords in this tag and separate the keywords with comma. As it is not useful, so there will be no effect even if it is left empty. 

Meta Robot Tag

Meta robot tag is used to tell the search engine whether to index the page or not. It is same as robot.txt. It is normally used to prevent thee search engine robot from indexing a single page.

Syntax of robot tag is

<meta name= “robot”  content=”noindex”>

By putting noindex prevent search engine from indexing the page. By removing this search engine, by default, will index the page.  

So hope you enjoy it. These were some best practices for optimizing the meta tags. So comment below your reviews.

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