KWFinder Review

KWFinder Review: How to make the most out of it

KWFinder is a great keyword research tool that can help you do all your keyword research tasks.

It is a one-stop keyword research tool along with multiple options. KWFinder tool is provided by Mangools.

Features of KWFinder

  • Find hidden long-tail keywords
  • Find your competitor’s keywords
  • Google Suggest keyword source
  • Organize keywords with keyword lists
  • Import keywords in bulk
  • Filter keywords that aren’t profitable
  • Local keyword research
  • The most accurate keyword difficulty
  • Search volume and keyword metrics
  • SERP analysis and SEO metrics
  • Keyword Planner alternative

KWFinder Free Trial

You can also use KWFinder for free by signing up for 10 days free trial. So, by using its trial version you can check this tool completely. And you are going to love it.

Go to this link to get 10 days free trial without credit card information.

Create new account kwfinder - Mangools

You can create your account by simply providing your email address. Then set a password for your account and click the button below.

Then you have to verify your email address and that’s all. Your account will be activated.

KWFinder Features

KWFinder has a very simple and sleek interface. Everyone can use it easily. 

Search KWFinder

You have two options for keyword research.

  1. Search by keyword
  2. Search by Domain

Just type your main keyword. Select the location if you are looking for local keywords. Then select the language. Finally, click on the “Find keywords” button.

After that, it will show you the comprehensive detail of your keyword along with the suggestion of tons of related keywords to fit in your keyword strategy.

Keyword Ideas

The main feature of KWFinder is keyword research. It gives a list of keywords to fit in your content strategy.

You can filter keywords based on different factors. It shows the following details of keywords:

  • Trend
  • Search 
  • CPC
  • PCP
  • KD


The Trend shows the searches of the keyword over the period in the form of a graph. It can help you in determining the future trend of the keyword. It can help you to decide whether a keyword is good to target now or not.


The Search tab shows the average monthly search volume of the keyword. It shows the exact average volume in the globe. You can check the volume in the specific location also for local keyword targeting.


CPC is the average cost per click for Google advertising. If you want to advertise for this keyword in Google. Then it can help you in determining the cost required. You can also change the currency of CPC.


PPC tab shows the level of competition for pay-per-click ads in Google. It can help you determine whether it is easy to rank for PPC ads in Google or not.


KD is the ranking difficulty for that keyword. It is an important factor while determining keywords for your content strategy. Keywords having low difficulty are shown green. They are easy to rank.

Related Keywords

The first portion is of related keywords. It shows keywords related to your main keyword.

Search KWFinder related keywords

These are keywords closely related to your main keyword. You can also choose from these keywords based on search volume, keyword difficulty, and CPC.


Autocomplete keywords are derived from Google autocomplete data. These keywords are based on their searches in Google.

When you type a specific keyword in Google, it suggests keywords below based on related searches performed by most of the users. So, this data is very helpful as it allows to target keywords that people are searching in Google.


The third tab of keywords shows questions. These questions are gathered from Google People also ask questions feature. These are the most searched questions related to your main keyword.

By targeting these keywords in your content, you can appear in the People Also Ask feature. It can increase traffic.

Filter Keywords

KWFinder has powerful keywords filtering feature. It allows you to filter keywords based on min and max search volume, CPC, PPC, and Keyword Difficulty. You can also include and exclude words.

filter in KWFinder

Let’s say if you are a new blogger. Then it will help you a lot in filtering and finding the most suitable keywords. You can filter keywords having a volume between 100 to 5,000 having 2-5$ CPC with keyword difficulty of max 40. 

In this way, you can find perfect keywords that would be easy to rank for you as a new blogger.

SERP Overview

SERP (Search Engine Results Page) overview feature is a very important tab for analyzing your competitors.  It shows the top 10 ranking pages for your keyword. You can analyze all and make your content more powerful to rank higher.

SERP Overview KWFinder

The following metrics of SERP are shown:

  • URL
  • DA (Domain Authority)
  • PA (Page Authority)
  • CF (Citation Flow)
  • TF (Trust Flow)
  • Links 
  • FB (Facebook Shares)
  • LPS (Link Profile Strength)
  • EV (Estimated Visits per month)

By determining all these metrics, you can guess whether you can beat your competitors or not for a specific keyword.

KWFinder Pricing

KWFinder is a very cheap keyword research tool compared to all other tools like Ahrefs and Moz. It has many unique and amazing features at a very low price.

It comes with 29.90 per month with the basic plan. You will get other Mangools tools by creating a paid account. Check pricing details here.

They have 10 days free trial as I discussed above. So you can sign up for free for 10 days trial. Get your trial and use it freely. Then decide whether you have to buy it or not.

As you have seen it comes with a lot of amazing keyword research features. So, I suggest you should buy this tool to make your keyword research strategy more powerful.

I hope it will help you a lot in SEO, Content Marketing, and blogging. So, use this tool and enjoy. Comment your thoughts about this tool after using it.

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