Ultimate Guide to Google Search Console [2021]

Ultimate Guide to Google Search Console [2021]

Google Search Console is a free tool provided by Google for the webmaster to measure the performance of their website.

This tool is used by every web owner and it is a most helpful tool for SEOs as it helps in measuring the performance of websites.

If you don’t know how to create an account of Google Search Console. Then learn here.

How to use Google Search Console?

Here is a process you can use the search console to better optimize your website and check the performance of your website.

Google search console performance

You can check the organic traffic coming to your website. Go to the performance section. There you can see the keywords your site ranks for.

Check the average position of your site for specific keywords your site ranks for. Then you can further analyze and optimize your content to make it rank high.

Check out the pages of your site that are ranking in the Google SERP. Then see the traffic they are getting from organic search results.

Then you can check the impressions and clicks, every page is getting. The CTR (Click through rate) will help you to improve your pages content to increase the clicks. 

As you can check out which pages are getting more impressions but fewer clicks. Then you can optimize those pages to increase the chances of clicks. Which in turn will increase your organic traffic.

You can check the countries in which your site ranks. So, you can better optimize your further content for that country’s people.

Google Search Console Coverage Reports

In GSC, you can check the pages of your site that have been indexed by Google. Further, you can see the pages having errors in indexing.

GSC Coverage

In the coverage section, you can see all the crawl stats. There it will show you the URLs that have been crawled and indexed. You can also check the URLs having errors or valid with warnings.

You can submit your sitemap there to make it easy for Google to index your site. Here is a complete guide about XML sitemaps.

In the removals section, you can submit the URL, you don’t want to be Google. If there is some old content that you don’t want to show up in the Google search or some other content that is removed from your site but it is showing in the SERP. 

You can remove that URL by submitting it in the removals section. There you can temporarily or permanently remove your URLs that are not valid now.

Mobile Usability Report

This section will let you know the pages or URLs of your site that are not good for mobile users. As mobile use is increased massively in recent years. So, now Google focuses on content that is good for mobile users.

Therefore, it shows you whether your site is good for mobile devices or not. In this section, you can see the reports and better optimize your site for mobile users by following the tips and recommendations by the Google Search Console.

Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals is the latest Google update in 2020 to provide better user experience (UX) to the users. This update has brought a lot of new things to the world of SEO.

It consists of a specific set of elements that are considered as good factors for user experience. As the main purpose of a website is to provide data to the users. So, Google mainly focuses on content that is easily accessible and readable by the users.

It consists of page speed and content interaction factors. So, to better improve your content ranking  make your website fast and easy to use.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

AMP is a project by Google to make web pages faster for mobile users. This section shows the AMP pages of your website.

Here you can check the pages of your site having warnings or invalid for AMP. So, you can improve them bases on the guidelines provided by GSC.

Here is a complete guide about AMP.

Links Report

At the end, there is a links section which is very important for link building. This shows the internal links, external links, linking sites, top linking pages, and many more.

There you can see the top pages getting higher links. Then even checkout the pages that are no longer available but they are getting links. So, you can redirect these links to the new content or some other pages.

Google Search Console for SEO

You can use Google Search Console for SEO. It contains all the reports that will help you in SEO.

It is an SEO tool that is free. You can use it to improve your site by checking the crawl reports, AMP report, Core Web Vitals, Links report, and many other options.

In the Security and Manual Actions report, you can see whether your site is safe from the new Google algorithm update or not. It will help you make your website optimized for every new update of Google.

Manual actions show if your site is hit by any penalty. Always keep your content original and well-optimized rather than over-optimized to keep your site safe from any manual action. 

In this way, you can use Google Search Console for SEO. So, use this free tool to better optimize and rank your site.

How to add a user to Google Search Console?

You can add new users to your Google Search Console account. Let’s say if you are the owner of the website and want to hire an SEO expert to better optimize your site. Then you need to give him access to your GSC account.

Here is a process to add a user to Google Search Console.

add new user to GSC
  1. Singin to your GSC account.
  2. Go to the Settings area at the bottom.
  3. Click on the users and permissions option.
  4. Click on the button Add user at the top right corner.
  5. Enter the user’s Email address.
  6. Then select permission: Restricted or Full
access to new user in Google search console

Google Search Console Full vs Restricted Access

Full Access

Full access gives the user permission to view all the data as well as take some actions. In full access, the user will also be able to take some actions like inspecting URLs, submit sitemaps, and many more.

Restricted Access

Restricted access gives the user permission to only view all the data but he/she will not be able to take any actions.

So, that is the difference between the Google Search Console full and restricted access.

Is Google Search Console data accurate?

No, it’s data is not 100% accurate. The impressions, clicks, and rankings data provided by Google Search Console is not accurate. It is just a guess data and you can never rely on it.

It doesn’t mean that data is completely inaccurate. For larger websites it is good. But for small and new sites, this data is not accurate.

Further, you can check the accuracy by searching for the keyword, you are ranking for, in Google Search Console by yourself and you will see that the data was inaccurate. 

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This was everything you need to know about Google Search Console. If you have any other queries then comment below. Now use it to better optimize your website. This tool is free and very useful for SEO as you read above.

It will help you in better optimizing your content and ranking high in the SERP. So, follow the above guidelines and use GSC to rank high.

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