Google My Business Setup in 2021 [Guide]

Google My Business Setup in 2021 [Guide]

Google My Business is a free advertising tool for businesses to reach more customers by promoting business in Google Search and Maps.

You can list your business on Google My Business for free to boost your visibility in the SERP. It will help you gain more customers by appearing in the 3 pack.

Google My Business listing is an essential element for every business. If you are selling products locally or internationally or giving your services online. You should list up your business in GMB (Google My Business).

Go to GMB. There click the “Manage Now” button.

Then type in the name of your business. Your business may be already available in Google My Business.

Get your business on Google

If you find your business already there. Then you need to claim it and manage it. If you didn’t find your business already in GMB then click the below button to add your business to Google.

There write the name of your business.

the name of your business Google My Business

Then click the “Next” button. After that select the category of your business. You can select more than one category. 

Select the category that is most relevant to your business.

Then if your business has a physical location where customers can visit select “Yes” otherwise select  “No”. 

If you have a physical location then you have to type your business complete address. 

address in Google My Business

So, type the detailed and exact address of your business so that customers can reach your business by locating it in Google Maps.

Then it will show you the location you have given above in Google Map. There select your physical store.

After selecting the location go to the next step. Then you will be asked whether you serve outside the selected area or not.

Let’s say if you serve in the whole city, then you have to select the area where you provide your services. 

After providing all the areas of your service. Click the “Next” button.

Then provide your contact information. You have to provide your business 

  • Phone Number 
  • Website Address (optional)
contact details Google My Business

If you don’t have a website then you can create a free website based on your given information and use it.

Then complete further steps and your business will be listed on Google.

Then you have to verify your business to manage it. So, you can verify your business by

  • Postcard by mail
  • Phone call
  • SMS

After verifying your business, you will be able to fully manage and optimize it.

Optimize your Google My Business Listing

After listing your website in GMB. Next, you have to optimize it to boost your ranking and visibility in Google Search.

There are some steps that you can follow to optimize your Google My Business listing.


Your business name should be accurate and fully optimize. You should include your keyword in the business name. It will help you in boosting your rankings.


Provide you complete address along with a postal code. Also, locate your store in Google Maps so that customers can easily get directed to your store.

Listing the accurate location of your business in Google Maps to make it easy for customers to locate your shop. It will help you in appearing near me searches.

Phone Number

Provide your active business phone number in a specific format. So that users can call you if they have any queries. Keep your number active during business hours.

You have to provide Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) same across all the platforms to keep it consistent. It will build trust and help Google in considering relevance.

Business Hours

Add your business hours in Google My Business. Keep working hours updated regularly to keep your users updated.

Keep your users updated on special days or holidays. Add working hours for special days like local events or religious events.

You can add special hours if you are going to available for some specific service or product. It will help your customers a lot.


If you sell products then add your products regularly to your GMB to keep your users updated.

You can provide products details

  • Image
  • Name
  • Description
  • Category
  • Pricing
  • CTA (Call-to-action)

Provide all the details about your product. Use your main keyword in the product name and description to optimize them for SEO.

You can add a button to allow your customers to take action like order, buy, get offers, and learn more.

In your business case, you can insert the link to take the customer to the desired page. Let’s say if you want to add the buy button. Then you can add the link that will take the customer to the direct payment page.

This will increase your sales and also boost your ranking in Google Search.


If your business offer services, then you can add your services in the Services section of the Google My Business listing.

So, adding services will help in ranking as your keyword will appear there.

GMB will also suggest your services according to your category or you can create a custom service.

Posts in Google My Business Profile

Posting is a very useful and important feature of Google My Business. It will help you to announce new products, offers, discounts, and many other things.

Your posts are shown to all those users who search for your business on Google. So, you can deliver your message to all the users by posting it on your Google My Business account.

If you launch a new product, you can post about it. You can include a product picture, name, price, and features. You can write a complete description of new products better inform your customers.

Like now there is COVID19, you can provide updates about new rules and regulations due to COVID19.

You can post offers that your business is giving. Like you are going to give 20% off on certain products. So, you can announce that by posting to GMB.

You can add image or video, Offer title, Start & End Date, Coupons, Offer details, terms & conditions, and link to redeem the offer.

You can also update about the new things that your business is introducing. If you are going to launch a new product or service you can announce that by posting.

In short, you can keep your customers updated by posting all new announcements, features, offers, discounts, updates, products, and many more.

You can also post about events that you are going to organize like seminars, webinars, or cultural events.

Always keep posting on your Google My Business profile as it will increase your ranking and visibility. More content means for signal for ranking.

Keep your users updated by posting regularly. It will also increase your trust and visibility.

Google My Business Profile Reviews

Reviews are so much important in increasing your business trust, visibility, sales, and ranking.

Keeping your GMB listing updated will help you get more reviews and ratings.

More reviews and ratings will help you in building more trust in Google and will boost your ranking.

Google consider reviews as a ranking signal for business. So, getting more better reviews and rating increases your chances of visibility and ranking.

As we know that people are influenced by others. So, good reviews about your business will help you in getting more customers. It will build trust in other customers.

It increases your appeal and chances of being discovered. It builds trust which boosts chances of increased rank and appearance in 3 Pack.

You may also get some annoyed customers. So, always respond to every review. If your customer has some problem then solve their problem. Reply to their reviews so it will increase your trust and loyalty.

Bonus Tips for Optimizing Google My Business Profile

  • Always keep your Google My Business Profile complete.
  • Keep it active by posting regularly and responding to reviews.
  • Visit your profile regularly to update users about new products, launches, and offers.
  • Keep your business information consistent across all the platforms social media, web, etc.
  • Use business email tied with a website instead of Gmail.
  • The primary category must be most relevant to the business.
  • Optimize Tagline and Introduction
  • Put identified Logo and Images

Messages in GMB

You can also turn on the messaging feature in Google My Business. It will allow your customers to directly chat with you. So, you can respond to them using GBM mobile app.

You can provide support to your customers and respond to their questions.


You can upload photos and videos there. You can showcase your products by uploading their images.

Upload the photos of your store or business to give your business feel and look to the users and customers.

Here you can upload the logo and cover photo of your business. You can upload videos of your products or business store.

You can upload photos/videos of your team while working at the store. So, keep your GMB profile fully updated by posting images and videos of new products and services.

Insights of Google My Business Profile

That’s a very useful section of Google My Business profile. It shows all the analytics data of your profile.

how customer search your business in GMB

It will show you how customers find your business. It divides the data into the following sections.

  • Direct
It shows those customers who found your business by searching for your business name or address.
  • Discovery
It shows those customers who found your business by searching for a category, service, or product.
  • Branded
It shows those customers who found your business by searching for your brand related to your business.

Then it shows where your customers view your business on Google.

where customer view your business in google GMB

This data is divided into two sections.

  1. Listing on Search
It shows how many times your customer found your business in Google Search.
  1. Listing on Maps
It shows how many times your customer found your business in Google Maps.

After that, it shows the common actions your customers take on your listing.

customer actions in GMB

These are common actions that your customers may take:

  • Visit your website
  • Request direction
  • Call you
  • Message you

Then you can also dive deep into all the actions to get more insights.

At the last, you can see the Photo views. It shows the number of times your business photos have been viewed compared to your competitors.

photo views in GMB

So, you can check your images and video views in Google My Business Profile compared to the views of similar businesses.

So, you can check this data of your Google My Business listing. You can use this data to better optimize your listing and make it more useful for your business.

Add user to Google My Business account

You can also add new users to your Google My Business account to manage your listing.

In your GMB account, click on “Users” in the left sidebar. 

users in google my business

In the Users section, you can manage all the users added to your GMB account.

add user in GMB

There click on the “Add users” button to add a new user to your Google My Business account. So, then you have to put some information of a new user.

add user to google my business account

So to a add new user, type the email address of the user. Then select the role of the new user. Finally, click on the “Invite” button.

Google My Business User Roles

When you add new users to your Google My Business account, you have to select the role of the new user.

User role defines the access level and actions a new user can take in your Google My Business account.

Google My Business account user roles

There are three types of user roles in the GMB account.

  1. Owner
  2. Manager
  3. Site Manager


There can be multiple owners but the primary owner will be always one. Both owners and the primary owner has the same capabilities. All owners can add new users but an owner can’t remove the primary owner.


Managers have nearly all capabilities that an owner has except sensitive capabilities like adding/removing listings & users.

Site Manager

Site Manager has all capabilities of a manager except editing business information. He/she can request to update listing information but it is up to the Manager/Owner whether to accept or reject the request.

This was an overview of Google My Business user roles. You can further see detailed information here.

Google My Business Website

You can create a business website in your Google My Business account for free. It is a very useful feature given by GMB for free to all the businesses.

Google My Business provides a drag and drop website builder to create your business website on Google.

Google My Business Website

Go to the Website in the GBM profile. 

There GMB allows you to create a website with one click by using all the information you provided in Google My Business profile.


You can select a theme to change the look of your Google business site with one click. There are multiple themes available to choose from.


In this section, you can edit the buttons and texts on your website. You can change the CTAs and actions taken after user responses.

You can choose the primary button for your site from the following given options.

  • Call Now
  • Contact Us
  • Get Directions
  • Get Quote
  • Make Appointment
  • Message Us (SMS)
  • Message Us (WhatsApp)

You can put any of these above buttons on your site as a primary button. You can decide whether your user can call you or message you, or anything else according to your business need.


You can upload photos using this section. Your site cover photo would be the same as your GMB profile cover photo.

You can edit the header photo by clicking on the “Edit Header Photo” button.


There you can publish or unpublish the site. You also change the site language.

You can also edit/change all information displayed on the Google My Business website. You can also insert links to an external site for different actions.

To keep your site updated visit it regularly and keep it changing according to needs. Review your site design and layout regularly to make it more attractive.

Also, provide headlines and descriptions in the “Edit” to optimize your site.

So you can make your Google My Business website easily with their site builder and keep it optimized to increase visibility.

Google My Business Mobile App

There is a fully functioning Google My Business mobile app that you can use to get instant alerts about reviews and messages on your mobile.

As you keep your mobile phone in your pocket all the time. So, this app will help you a lot in managing your Google My Business profile. You can easily reply to your customer reviews.

It allows you to easily respond to customer messages and queries anywhere and anytime just by opening the app on your mobile phone.

You can almost do everything using GMB mobile app. You can: 

  • keep your users updated by posting
  • Make changes to your profile (location, name, photos, number, email, address, etc)
  • Manage users
  • Manage Google My Business Website
  • Add a new business

As you can see that Google My Business mobile app is very useful for you. So, you must have to download it to manage your business from your phone.

Google My Business app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. To download the app click the link below.

Use the mobile app to respond to your customers fast.

This was a complete guide to Google My Business setup and optimization. Follow all the above steps to set up your Google My Business profile.

I have listed all the best optimization techniques you can use to optimize your GMB listing.

It is a very useful tool, especially for local businesses. It can help you appear at the top, for the local searches (location-based, near me).

Include your business proper information in the profile to boost your profile and appear high in the SERP.

Always keep posting and respond to reviews immediately. It will help in boosting your listing and building trust. 

Try to get more reviews as it will increase trust and also bring in more new customers.

Follow all the steps to make your business more visible to the customers.

This is all about optimizing Google My Business listing to get more customers and increase your SERP visibility.

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