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How to get Blog Post Ideas – Blogging Tips

Blogging is an art. There are millions of blogs on the web. Blogging is becoming a passion of many people. There are many people who have blogs. People are blogging for many reasons. Some are just sharing their knowledge with the world. Some write for money. Some write for their business. Others write to help people to solve their problems.  

Whatever your purpose for bogging would be. It will be good if audience will read your blog posts. So, there need a research to find those blog posts ideas which has some value and there are people looking for that. 

You will get here the best practice to get bog post ideas. I’m going to tell some tools and tactics to get blog post ideas. 

Research on Social Media

You can join the groups and forums on larger social media platforms to get ideas. Many people write questions there. So, you can get idea from these platforms by finding the trending questions related to your industry. There are Facebook groups about every industry containing thousands of members. Join groups related to your niche. See what’s happening in these groups. 

You can use Quora to get blog post ideas. Look for the trending questions related to your niche on Quora and get the idea to write post on it. Just signup on Quora, select your interest. It will show you questions related to your niche. Find the most asked questions and get ideas to write posts on them.

Quora questions to get blog post ideas

This tool collects data based on trending topics on reddit. There are millions of people who use reddit. It has a very huge community. It is very useful in getting blog post ideas. You just type your blog niche in this tool. It provides keywords with the monthly search volume in US. You can get the blog post ideas from here. It generates a list of blog post ideas. 

Reddit Keyword Research Tool to get blog post ideas

Answer the Public is a very larger topic research too. It gives a great topic ideas. It gives blog post question ideas. It generates hundreds of blog post ideas based on alphabets. This tool provides a couple of free searches a day. You have to buy it’s pro plan to do unlimited research. If you are starter then don’t spend the money, but if you have a large company then its pro plan worth buying. 


Generates blog post ideas -AnswerThePublic

Answer the Public also gives preposition ideas for your main keyword. It gives comparison posts ideas. This tool also gives highly attractive blog post ideas. It generates catchy headlines for blog posts. You can get the blog post ideas trending in a specific country in a specific location too. 

Ubersuggest is a great keyword research tool developed by Neil Patel. It is also very useful to get blog post ideas. It gives compete data of keywords. It provides search volume, SEO difficulty, Paid difficulty, and CPC. 

Ubersuggest keyword ideas

This tool provides blog posts ideas by getting data from top ranking articles related to a topic. It provides great content ideas to write about. This tool has free version to some extent. So, use this tool to get your blog post ideas.

Ubersuggest content ideas to write blog posts

Google Suggestions

We can use Google itself to get blog post ideas. Just type a word related to your blog niche in the Google search. It will show you suggestions below. These suggestions are based on the trending topics people are searching. So, we can use these to write a blog post on these suggested topics. 

Google search also gives the most asked questions related to our topic. So, we can use write posts on these questions. These questions have so many searches on Google. Therefore we can use them to write blog posts. They help us a lot in getting blog post ideas.

People also ask for by Google

There is also a list of related searches at the end of the Google search result for a specific keyword. So, we can get blog post ideas from these terms provided by Google related to our topic.

Related searches by Google

So, use these ideas provided by Google. Those provides a lot of ideas for blog posts. Google search is very useful.

Use all these tools and tactics to get great blog post ideas for your bog. These will help you a lot in your journey of blogging. Use different tactics, brainstorm ideas to get the perfect blog post keywords to write about. You can get keyword research here.

I hope this post will be very helpful for you all. Share this post with friends. Comment below your thoughts about this post.

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