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Fiverr Gig SEO – Rank Fiverr Gig on Top to Get More Clients

I’m going to talk about ranking your gig on Fiverr. First, let me say that Fiverr has become a very huge freelancing market place. Approximately 830,000 freelancers working on Fiverr. It is a little bit different from other market places. On Fiverr you have to make a gig, customers come and buy your gig. Therefore newbies start usually on Fiverr.

Now I’m going to discuss our topic. On Fiverr you, as a freelancer, create a gig of your services. You can make as many gigs as you want for different services you are giving. Everyone has an opportunity on Fiverr to get projects. So I’m going to tell you how to utilize this opportunity to get projects.

Let’s start, first, you have to research about your services. You have to do keyword research so that you can get the idea that what keywords people are typing on Fiverr while searching for services. 

So first do keyword research on Fiverr for your gig. There is no specific tool but we can use tactics to research for the useful keywords.

First, we use Fiverr search box. When we type something in the search box it shows many keywords that most of the people are searching on Fiverr. Fiverr shows these suggestions based on their search volume. Make a list of these keywords.

Fiverr search


Another way to get keywords is by analyzing your competitor’s gigs. Search in Fiverr for services you offer. Then analyze the keywords that are used in top-ranked gigs. Put these keywords in your list of keywords. 

Fiverr Search result


After finalizing your keyword. Next step is analyzing the competition for your service. Search on Fiverr it will show the number of gigs available related to your service. From this, you can guess the difficulty. So, always make a gig for low competition keywords. Make a gig for more specific tasks and services rather than general.

Fiverr search result competition


After finalizing your keywords by analyzing the competition. Next step is to optimize the gig for these keywords to rank them high.  Let’s start doing SEO of gig.

Gig Title

Title of your gig is very important. It should be fully optimized because it not only helps in ranking but also attract the customers. Title of gig must be attractive. There is 80 characters limit for the title. Use your keyword in your title. Give a descriptive overview of your service in it.

fiverr gig title


The second thing is the category of your gig. Select it very precisely. It will help you a lot in ranking the gig. Select the most relevant category to your service. 

There is a subcategory. Choose the most relevant subcategory. Then the comes type of service. So choose then precisely while keeping in mind the service you are going to offer.

fiverr gig category and service

Gig Metadata

Choosing a category, subcategory and type of service will help you in describing your meta data for the gig. In gig, metadata describes your services and their scope. Choose the right metadata that highlight your service completely to the employer.

fiverr gig metadata

Search Tags

Tags are very important factors in ranking your gig. You have a option to choose 5 tags. Now use keywords from the list that you have, in tags. Put the main keyword and relevant synonym keywords in the tag option. 

fiverr Gig search Tags

Scope and Pricing

fiverr gig Scope and Pricing


Nest comes the scope and pricing of your gig. You can either select three package gig or single package gig. Now here you have a space to describe your gig in 100 characters. use keywords in the description 2-3 time. Write a very informative description of your gig and service.

Select delivery time, numbers, prices and other extras that you will give in your gig. Utilize this section and describe the complete scope of your gig. 

Gig Description

Fiverr gig description

A description is a very important portion of your gig. You have a 1200 characters limit to describe your gig. Write a detailed description of your gig. Completely describe the service you will give in your gig. Use your main keyword in your gig with a density of 3-5%. It will help you a lot in the ranking of your gig. You can use formatting. Bold your main keywords. Make a list of services. 

Writing an attractive and SEO optimized description will rank your gig and also attract the clients.

gig FAQs

There is an option for FAQs. If you want to provide some frequently asked questions to your employers. Then write them in the FAQ section. Next is the requirement section. You have to put one requirement question to ask something from your client. You can write to them as you want.

Gig Gallery

gig galery

Gig Photos

You have a choice to upload 3 photos. You should upload photos that are relevant to your gig. You gig photos must reflect your service.

Gig Video

You can also upload a video for your gig. Your video must be 75 seconds long and smaller than 75MB. In the video, first, introduce yourself. Then give an overview of your gig and service. Your video will build credibility. I recommend you upload a video.


You can also upload a PDF file to your gig. Write a descriptive note on services you will give in your gig. You can also provide your portfolio in PDF. 

Congrats, You have made your SEO optimized gig on Fiverr. Next just click on publish and your gig will be live. So these were some really useful tips and best practices to optimize and rank your gig.

I hope you enjoyed it. Follow these practices and rank your gig to attain maximum clients.

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