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Blogger SEO: How to Optimize Your BlogSpot Website

Blogger is a free platform by Google for making blog sites. Millions of blog are running on blogger. So, I’m going to teach you blogger SEO. Search Engine Optimization is very important and necessary for every site. Because without SEO your blogger site will not be visible in the Google search result.

So, there are many SEO settings in the blogger site which needs to be optimized properly to rank your blogger site in the search engine. We will go through all the blogger SEO best practices and tips. 

Read the post till the end if you want to rank and optimize your blogger site. If you don’t know about the blogger. Then read this step by step guide about creating a website on blogger.

Sign in to your blogger account. And go to your blog. Move to the setting in the left sidebar.

Blogger Settings

This setting section contains all the blogger SEO setting options. You have to check these settings very carefully because a little mistake may remove your site from Google. 

Basic Setting of Blogger

Blogger Basic Settings
  • Title 
The title will be the name of your blogger site which will show up in the Google search result. Write the keyword-rich title. Use your main keyword and provide your relative words. Title should be of 55-60 characters. It is a very important factor. 
  • Description 
Write a complete description of your website in this section. Provide full the purpose of your site. Use your keyword in the description. In this section, blogger allows your description of 500 characters. 
  • Language 
Then select the language of your site content. Select the language in which you are going to write. Normally people write in English. But if you are going to write in some other language. Then select that language. It will help Google in understanding your content and audience. 
  • Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is a very powerful tool for tracking websites. Link your Google Analytics Account by providing the analytics tracking id present in your account. If you are unfamiliar with Google Analytics, you can create an account by reading this Analytics account creating guide.

  • Favicon
Favicon is an icon of your site that shows up in the browser tab along with your site title. So, create a Favicon and upload it here. It will help people in recognizing your site.

Privacy Setting

Blogger privacy Settings

Always keep the option visible to search engine on. Because if you turn this off. It will hide your website from Google. Then people will not be able to search and find your website. So, always keep it turned on.


Publishing setting in blogger contains the address of your blog. This is an important section for blogger SEO. Blogger provides you free URL with Blogspot subdomain. But you can attach a custom domain to it. 

So, I always recommend you to buy a custom top level-domain and attach it with your blogger site. It will help in boosting your site. 

tld domains for blogger seo


Blogger HTTPS Settings

HTTPS makes your site secure. It installs SSL certificate on your site. It will increase your site authority and trust. Always turn this option on. It will redirect all the users to secure version of your site. It is also a ranking factor in SEO by Google. 

Meta Description

Meta Description Blogger SEO Settings

Enable this option and write a description of your site. The description would be of 155-160 characters. You can follow the practices I have told in the above description setting. This description is for search engine. So, always write a keyword-rich description.

Crawling and Indexing

This setting is very important for blogger SEO. Here is a robot.txt file. You can place your sitemap of blogger site in this file. Never do a mistake of a single line in this file. Because it may remove your site from the Google search.

Then there is an option to link Google Search console. It is a tool for webmasters by Google. This tool is used to check the indexing of the site. So, create your search console account and link it with your blogger site.


Blogger Settings of monetization

Monetization section is for earning money by Google AdSense. When your site is approved from AdSense. You have to place your publishing id code here. It will help AdSense to track your ads and generate maximum revenue.

Bonus: Responsive Design

responsive blogger site

Always choose a responsive theme for your site. Because many users are using smartphones. So, if your site will not be responsive it will affect your mobile ranking. You can download a responsive template for your blogger website on the internet. 

Make your site easily viewable on every device and screen size. It will boost your ranking too. Because Google mobile-first algorithm gives your site priority to others those are not mobile-friendly. 

These are tips for blogger SEO. Follow these best practices to optimize your blogger website and rank it high. If you follow these steps, your blog will rank. 

If you are using WordPress, you can read Yoast SEO for WordPress complete guide.

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