Bing Webmaster Tools Comprehensive Guide

Bing Webmaster Tools Comprehensive Guide [2021]

Bing is the second largest search engine. Even though Bing has a low search share compared to Google, but you can’t ignore the traffic driven by Bing’s search engine.

Bing Webmaster Tools can be used to make your site SEO friendly by analyzing and removing the errors.

Bing webmaster tools interface is recently changed with a new look. Bing has recently updated some tools. You will be amazed to check these tools.

If you want to bring all the available traffic to your site, then you should submit your site to Bing search engine.

Bing Webmaster Tools will help you to better optimize and rank your site to bring more traffic. By following the SEO tips and recommendations from these tools, you can better rank your site.

I’m going to discuss only the new interface of Bing webmaster tools. Some features are now no longer available in the new version. 

So, we are going to cover all the tools and features available in Bing webmaster tools to help you better optimize your site SEO performance.

Now just like in the Google webmaster tools, you can easily add new sites to Bing webmaster tools.

Click on the site URL in the upper right corner. In the dropdown, click on add a site.

add a site in Bing Webmaster Tools

There you have two methods available to add your site to Bing webmaster tools. You can select one of them.

  • Import from Google Search Console (GSC)
  • Add your site manually

Import from GSC

If you have already verified your site in Google Search Console. Then you can easily import your site data into Bing webmaster tools from your GSC account.

Import from GSC to bing webmaster tools

If you will import your site from GSC, then it will automatically verify your site and import all the sitemaps you have added in GSC.

Just click on the import button. Then you need to sign in to  your Google search console account to import your data.

With a single click, you can import all your site data to Bing webmaster tools. It will save you a lot of time and effort.

Add your site manually

You can add your site manually by selecting all the important details that you want to import in Bing webmaster tools.

add site manually to bing webmaster tools

There you need to verify your site to add to Bing webmaster tools. There are some options available by which you can verify your site ownership.

XML File

The first method to verify your site ownership is by uploading an XML file to your site root directory.

You need to download an XML file and upload it to your root directory. You can upload this file in CPanel by moving to file manager.

After uploading the file, click on the verify button. Your site ownership will be verified.

HTML Meta Tag

The second step to verify your site ownership is by adding an HTML tag to your site homepage head section.

You need to upload given <meta> tag in your homepage after opening <head> section and before start of first <body> section.

After pasting the code, click on verify and your site will be added. You will have to keep this tag forever because if you will remove this tag, your site will be removed from Bing webmaster tools.

Add CNAME record to DNS

If you want to verify by this method. You need to add a new CNAME record in your Domain Name Server (DNS). Just go to your domain provider. There you will see records for your domain.

There create a new CNAME (alias) record and put the value given in the Bing verification process to verify your site ownership.

This record takes some time to update. So, you have to wait a while to verify it.

WordPress Site Verification in Bing Webmaster Tools

If you are running your website on WordPress CMS, then you can verify your site in Bing Webmaster Tools by using WordPress plugins. 

There are many SEO plugins that you can use to verify your site in Bing Webmaster Tools. I would recommend Yoast SEO and Rank Math.

Go to the Yoast SEO plugin section. There click on SEO > General > then Webmaster Tools verification. There insert the Bing verification code and  click on “Save changes”.

You can get your account verification code in the Meta tag verification method. There, in the content attribute, will be your Bing verification code. SO, copy this code and paste it into the plugin. Then click the verify button.

By all these methods and ways, you can add new websites to Bing webmaster tools. So, add your site to the Bing search engine to bring more traffic.


Now Bing has named it Home which previously was named as Dashboard. There is an overview of some performance of your site.

Home - Bing Webmaster Tools

It is quite similar to Google Search Console now. 

Below reports, there is an overview of your site search performance. This graph shows clicks and impressions, your site has gained from the Bing search engine.

To view the full report, you can click on the complete report option on the right side.

Below is the SEO report, that shows the SEO errors your site has in a circle chart by dividing issues according to their severity. 

Then, there is a URL submission quota that shows how many URLs you can submit today.

So, this was the overview of Home of Bing webmaster tools. Then there are complete features in the left sidebar. You can access all features and tools there.

Sidebar in Bing Webmaster Tools

Now learn about all these features, data, and tools available in Bing webmaster tools, that you can use to better optimize your site for SEO to rank higher in the SERP.

Search Performance

This section shows the performance of your site in the Bing search engine. You can check the keywords your site is ranking for.

It will show you the organic traffic your site is getting from the Bing search engine. So, you can evaluate your rankings in Bing SERP.

This report shows the average position of your site. So, you can check if you need to further optimize your content to rank higher.

The performance section shows the following terms about your site.

  • Clicks
It shows the number of times people clicked on your site in the search results. You can check how many visitors came to your site from organic search.


  • Impressions
It shows the number of times people have seen your site in the organic search results. Let’s suppose someone searches for a term that your site ranks for. He/she looked into the SERP and then closed the browser or moved to some other search.

It will be counted as an impression. You can guess how much traffic you can get to your site from the impressions you are getting.

  • Average CTR
This shows the average click-through rate (CTR) of your site. It is the ratio of clicks and impressions your site is getting.

Let’s suppose if your site has got 1000 impressions and out of them, 50 people clicked on your site. Then your avg. CTR will be 5%.

It is a very important metric as it can help you to figure out the content that is getting impressions but not clicks. You can optimize that content to get more clicks.

  • Average Position
The average position shows the average rank of your site for all the keywords your site ranked for. You can check the position of your site in the SERP and optimize your site further to boost your rankings.
search performance in Bing webmaster tools

So, you can check all the metrics in the Performance tab. Further, you can sort by:

  • Keywords
  • Pages

You can check the keywords your site appeared for in the Bing SERP. In this list, you can further sort the keywords by the impressions, clicks, CTR, and position.

By sorting them out and applying filters, you can better check the content you need to further optimize to increase rank or CTR.

You can also check the pages of your site that are ranking in the Bing search engine. And optimize low ranking pages to rank high. Also, optimize the pages that are getting low CTR to increase the clicks.

All the data can be customized by the date. You can check the data for the last 7 days, one month, 3 months, 6 months, or you can select a custom date range to see the data for a specific date.

filter by date Search Performance - Bing Webmaster Tools

In this way, you can check the custom data for a specific period. You can measure performance of your site. It allows comparing the past performance with the present to measure your SEO success.

URL Inspection

URL inspection is a similar tool to the Google Search Console. It allows inspecting the URLs to see if there is any indexing, crawling, or markup error in the URLs.

So, you can check the issues in the URL and resolve them. It helps in better optimizing the URL to rank high in the SERP.

inspect tool in Bing webmaster tools

You can check the SEO issues if any present in the URL to resolve them.

You can live test the URL to see how Bing fetches the page. It shows an HTTP response to see URL is OK or have some issues.

Site Explorer

Site Explorer is a very useful tool provided by Bing Webmaster Tools that is not available in Google Search Console.

It shows exactly how Bing sees your site and structures it. Here is a shot of Bing Site Explorer.

Site Explorer in Bing Webmaster Tools

It shows the explorer just like in Windows. Which shows how Bing structures your site in folders by categories. 

In explorer, you can filter the folders by clicks and impressions.

Then crawl information is filtered by:

  • Indexed
It shows the number of URLs has been indexed by the Bing search engine having no issue in indexing.
  • Error
This shows the URLs having crawl errors that are not allowing Bing to index the URL.
  • Warning
The number of URLs having crawl issues or disallowed by the robots.txt file are shown in the warning section. 
  • Excluded
The URLs that are removed from the search results due to severe issues or low quality.

This is a very complex and detailed report. So, you have to dig in to get the most out of it. It will help you a lot in making your site easier for search engines to crawl and index.

You can see:

  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • Last Crawled Date 
  • Discover Date
  • HTTP code
  • Document size
  • Backlinks
  • is HTTPS
about your homepage. So, this is very useful information to better optimize the SEO strategy.

Google Search Console gives you all this data in the crawl reports but it is more organized and in easy to understand form. So dig deep into this data and make it useful for your site SEO.


I hope, you would be quite familiar with this term. It allows you to submit sitemaps to Bing search engine and see all the sitemaps you have submitted.

Unless GSC, it allows submitting sitemap in multiple formats. Here is the list of formats in which you can submit your sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools.

  • XML
  • RSS 2.0
  • mRSS (Media RSS)
  • Atom 0.3 & 1.0
  • Text files

If you want to submit all your URLs then XML sitemap is a better option. But if you want Bing to discover new URLs then submit the RSS feed.

You can see all the sitemaps and URLs Bing has discovered from these sitemaps. It shows the sitemaps having errors or warnings so you can make them accessible.

URL Submission

This tool allows submitting URLs to the Bing search engine just like the inspection tool. You can submit URLs here to crawl and index them fast.

You can submit 10,000 URLs per day for most of the sites. But it may be less for small sites. Just click on “Submit URLs” and write 1 URL per line, then click the submit button.

It will directly submit your URL to the Bing index. If you have some important content that you want to be indexed quickly then this is the best feature.

Submitting your URLs there will make Bing check them immediately. If your URLs meet Bing’s quality criteria, then they will be indexed and appeared in the Bing search.


The SEO section of Bing Webmaster Tools contains tools and data that is very useful for search engine optimization. It contains the following dimensions:

  • Backlinks
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Reports
  • Site Scan


It contains the backlink data like in the Google Search Console. There is a link disavow tool that allows you to remove the bad/hurting backlinks.

backlink report in Bing Webmaster Tools

Now you can filter the backlinks by domain, pages, and anchor texts.

There is a tool to compare your competitors. You can check the outside URL backlinks. It shows all the backlinks of your competitors along with the referring domains and anchor texts.

It is very useful if you want to spy on your competitor’s backlinks. You can use this data in your link building strategy.

Click on “similar sites” and there you can type the domains of all your competitors to check their backlinks.

You can disavow the URLs by submitting them in the “disavow links” section. Enter one URL per line and then click on the “Disavow” button. You can disavow links by pages, directory, and domain.

Disavow Backlinks Tool in Bing Webmaster Tools

So, in this backlink section, you can check the backlinks of your site, your competitor’s backlinks, and disavow any hurting backlinks.

Keyword Research

It is a very useful keyword research tool that allows you to find keywords and write content.

This SEO tool comes up with many amazing features in one place. Just type the keyword/topic you want to research. Then click on “Get details”.

Keyword Research - Bing Webmaster Tools

You can filter the data by country, language, and device. Moreover, you can find data for a custom period.

It also shows the trend of searches over time. It can help you to guess whether you have to target this keyword or not based on its trend over time.

Keyword Research Data in Bing Webmaster Tools

There is also a global breakdown section that shows the search volume of the keyword in the different countries of the world. 

You can write the content for the country from which that keyword is getting most of the traffic. 

Below is the keyword ideas list that provides you with tons of keywords related to your main search keyword. It shows related keywords, questions, and newly discovered keywords.

list Keyword Research - Bing Webmaster Tools

This list contains keywords along with their trend and search volume. You can download all keywords in a CSV file then move them into an excel sheet to prioritize them and make a content plan.

In the last, it shows SERP data. It gives top the 10 ranking URLs with their title for the given keyword.

You can get keyword ideas using this free tool. It is a comprehensive and useful tool for keyword research.

SEO Reports

This report will give you suggestions to improve your website SEO. It analyzes the site and detects SEO errors.

SEO Reports - Bing Webmaster Tools

It shows SEO errors your site has along with their severity. You can filter the errors depending upon the severity.

  • High
  • Low
  • Medium

By clicking on the single error, you will see the detailed analysis of this error. There will be page containing that error and recommendations to remove that error.

Issues details in SEO Reports - Bing Webmaster Tools

So, you can remove the errors by following up the recommendations given by Bing Webmaster tools in this section.

It will help you in better optimizing your site for SEO and removing all the SEO errors your site has by providing your recommendations to solve that error.

Site Scan

Site Scan section allows scanning your website to check for the errors and warnings related to SEO.

This scan is just a page-by-page audit of your site that measures the SEO best practices whether your site fulfills or not.

To scan your site, click on “Start new scan”. There type the URL of your site. Name a scan whatever you want.

Site Scan - Bing Webmaster Tools

There you can limit the scan also up to 1,000 pages. Then click on “Start Scan”. It will start scanning your site.

The report will be generated after some time depending upon the size of your site. So, it will then prioritize the issue, warnings, notices in the report.

You can then optimize your site by removing the errors, warnings, and notices discovered in the scan report.

This report can be downloaded as a CSV file. So, that you can then send this file to your developer or SEO to remove these errors and optimize your site.


Crawl Control

There you can control the crawl timing of your site. You can set the time when you want the Bing bot to crawl your site.

Crawl Control - Bing Webmaster Tools

As while crawling bandwidth is used. So, you can set the time when you get most traffic so that Bing will not crawl your site at that time. It will help in maintaining the bandwidth and minimizing the interference.

You can control the crawl rate for the specific timing to make your site work better while having high traffic.

Block URLs

This tool allows you to block the URLs from appearing in the search results. As search engines consider the URL different if there is a single parameter in it. That hurts SEO badly.

So, to avoid duplication or appearing of parameter URLs in the SERP, you can block them with this tool.

Block URL - Bing Webmaster Tools

You can submit URLs here that you don’t want to appear in the Bing search results. You can block a complete directory or a specific page with this tool.

Tools & Enhancements

Robots.txt Tester

You can use this tool to test whether a URL is blocked or not in the robots.txt file.

It shows the robots.txt file of your site and allows you to edit it and then download the updated file. So, you can easily make changes to it.

Robots txt Tester - Bing Webmaster Tools

If a URL is not being crawled by Bing bot then you can test it here to see whether it is blocked in robots.txt or not.

Verify Bingbot

There are intruders and scammers on the internet who wants to steal your data for many purposes. Bing wants to keep you safe from these bots.

So, to keep your site data safe from these attacks you can test the IP address to check whether it is from Bing or not.

Verify Bingbot - Bing Webmaster Tools

You can verify the IP address by adding it here. Just type the IP and click “Verify”. It will show that it is Bingbot or not.

Security & Privacy

Copyright Removal Notices

It will show the notices about the content that is reported for copyright. If your content or material available on a location is infringing material.

Bing will show the URLs having any copyright issues here. So, you can check them and file a counter-notice if you think that content is original.

Copyright Removal Notices - Bing Webmaster Tools

So, if you will file any counter notice, it will be sent to the person who filed the copyright notice to recheck their request.

User Management

Here you can check and manage the users you have added to your Bing Webmaster Tools account.

You can add new users, delete the previous one, and change their access level.

Adding a new user to Bing Webmaster Tools account

To add a new user to your Bing Webmaster Tools account, click on the “Add user” button at the top right corner in the user management section.

add user in User management - Bing Webmaster Tools

Then you have to put the following details of the user.

  • Email Address
The email of the person you are going to add to your Bing Webmaster Tools account.
  • Role

It is the level of access, you want to give the new user. There are 3 role options

  1. Administrator
It will be the main admin of the account just like you. He/she will be able to access all the details, rewrite them, and even change the settings. 
  1. Read-only
This role will allow the user only to view the data. He/she will be able to see all the data but can’t edit or download it.
  1. Read-write
This role will allow the user to read data as well as write data. Write mean he/she can add URLs and submit sitemaps and many more. 
  • Access Scope
It is the scope that you will allow your new user. It means the websites you want her to access. Here, you will have to type the URL of the website to which you are adding her.
adding new user User management - Bing Webmaster Tools

After putting all this information, click on the “Add” button and the new user will be added to your Bing Webmaster Tools account.

You can remove the user if you no longer want him to access your account. This was all about user management.

Other Bing Tools & Features

Bing Places for Business

Bing Places is just like Google My Business tool. You can add your business to this so that it shows up in the local search results.

You can use this feature to list your business and share the news and updates with your customers. It will help to share announcements, update the working hours, temporary closings, and many more.

You can add your business to Bing Places for Business in two ways:

  • Importing from Google My Business
  • Claiming or adding your business manually
Bing Places for Business

If you have already verified your business in Google My Business (GMB) listing then you can easily import all the data.

Otherwise, you can add your business manually by putting all the details required and verify the ownership.

It will help you in local SEO by boosting your local rank in Bing SERP. It will help you to appear high in the local searcher by optimizing your Bing Places for Business listing.

Bing News PubHub

This is a good place for you to reach a greater audience if you publish news content. This tool is similar to Google News.

If you run a site that publishes news content regularly then you can submit your site here. It will help you reach the millions of Bing users across multiple Bing platforms.

Before submitting your site, must read these guidelines. To get your site approved your content must be original, newsworthy, and engaging.

Sites having the following things wouldn’t be approved for the Bing News index

  • Sites for marketing products/services
  • Having unauthorized content or news aggregation
  • Not publishing content with a regular frequency
  • Having grammar, spelling, structure, or word using issues

If your site meets their eligibility criteria then you can submit your site. It will be approved after reviewed by the Bing team.

Bing Manufacturer Center

Bing Manufacturer Center helps you adding details of your products to manage the presence of your products in the search results.

You can manage your product’s data presence throughout Bing to improve the customer experience. 

It also takes data from the Google Merchandise account. So, you can easily manage the details of your products details.

If you have already made your Manufacturer account, then you can use this feature.

Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising platform allows you to advertise your brand, to the customers looking for your business, by using Microsoft Search Network to reach millions of people.

It is a large platform for advertisers. As it does not come in Bing Webmaster Tools topic so this information is enough for it. 

Bing for Partners

This Bing for Partners platform allows you to integrate your websites, applications, and software with Bing.

This feature is subdivided into 2 sections one for businesses and the other for developers. In the business section, you can use Bing to grow your audience, drive more traffic, and get more customers.

Bing for Partners provides different feature APIs to integrate in your websites and applications.

Bing Search API is a very powerful search feature that you can integrate into your website to allows visitors to search easily.

There is also Bing Maps API to integrate maps into your websites. There are powerful custom search APIs that allow you to give your users a better-customized search experience.


There is a notifications icon at the upper right corner in the Bing Webmaster Tools account. Bing will send all important notifications containing issues on your site there.

Notifications in Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing will send you notifications there if there would be any issue found on your site. Before that Bing sent notifications in the inbox of Bing.

But now it sends all information related to Bing Webmaster Tools in this notification feature.

Wrapping up Bing Webmaster Tools Guide

This was a complete guide containing every know-how about Bing Webmaster Tools you need to know in 2021.

You might be amazed to see all these amazing features and tools in Bing Webmaster Tools. Enjoy using these features and tools for optimizing your website.

Bing search engine is very small in comparison to Google but it also powers Yahoo search engine. So, they combine makes approx. 4% of the market share. That’s not a big figure but you can still get tons of traffic from Bing.

More you can use SEO tools provided by Bing Webmaster Tools that are very useful. So, you can use them to make your SEO more powerful. Use these tools and features to better rank your content in the SERP.

I have covered every single feature available in Bing Webmaster Tools. So, enjoy using this free SEO tool for optimizing your websites.

Keep this post bookmarked as it will be updated regularly whenever Bing introduces new features in the Webmaster Tools.

Learn about Google Search Console (previously known as Google Webmaster Tools).

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