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Best Free Tools for Keyword Research

Keyword Research is essential part of SEO. It is also very sensitive part because you have to choose those keywords that users are searching in the search engine to fulfill their needs. So I’m going to give you a list of free tools for keyword research which will help you a lot in your journey of keyword research. 

Here is a list of best free tools for keyword research:

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

This is free keyword research tool provided by Google. Every one in the field of SEO uses this tool. This tools help will help you a lot in keyword research. 

It provides us a the average monthly searches, competition (ranking difficulty) and also CPC (Cost Per Click) of the keyword. This tool provides us a long list of related keyword. The list of keywords provided helps a lot in keyword optimization.

You can do the keyword research by two dimensions. One by typing in the keyword and other by putting in the URL of some top ranking websites to get the keyword ideas from  your top competitors.

Google Trends

Google trends dashboard

Google trends is another useful tool for keywrod research provided by Google. This tool basically gives the seasonality trends of keyword over a specific period of time. You can use this tool for getting future predictions about the trends of keywords. This tool helps a lot in event blogging.

This tool provides trending score of keyword for specific area. It also gives related trending topics to get the keyword ideas.

You can also compare keywords to check their trends. Comparing keywords helps in choosing right keyword that is trending.


 Ubber suggest keyword tool

This is also free tool for keyword research provided by Neil Patel. This is very useful tool for keyword research and blog post ideas. Ubersuggest gives the following useful details for keyword.

  • Search Volume
  • SEO difficulty
  • Paid Difficulty
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Related Keywords
  • Content Ideas
This tools is very helpful for bloggers too. Bloggers can use this free tool to get amazing blog post ideas to rank high in the SERP. You can put in keyword or URL to get the keyword details.


Wordtracker keyword research tool
Wordtracker is another free tool. This tool gives search volume of keywords. This also gives a list of related keywords. This also very useful tool for keyword research. You can filter out the results by changing territory and also excluding specific keywords from your search.

This tool gives competition score out of 100. It also tells number of websites having that keyword in title and anchor text. So this tool will help a lot in keyword research.

Keywords Everywhere

keywords everywhere tool

This is free add-on extension for Google Chrome and Firefox. You can add this extension in your browser. This tool is also very useful for keyword research. It provides a wide ranger of data related to keywords which helps a lot in our SEO strategy and keyword research.

keywords everyhwere metrix people also searches for related keywords by keywords everywhere

It provides monthly searches over a period of time. It also provides a list of related keywords to target. It provides data for clicks (Organic, Paid). It also provides searches age range which helps in considering buyers persona for businesses. 

It also gives people search for matrix which contains a long list of keywords that people are searching on the web related to your niche.

Reddit Keyword Research Tool

Reddit keyword research tool dashboard

This free tool is provided by highervisibility. It uses Reddit platform to extract the keywords. This is very simple tool. Type keyword and get the keyword ideas that people are typing on the Reddit. It gives keywords monthly searches volume. it gives search volume for US only. But you can use this to get the keywords list.



SpyFu keyword research tool dashboard

SpyFu keyword research tool is very useful free tool. It gives much more details rather than just keyword overview. It provides very useful metrics related to keywords:

  • Search Volume
  • Estimated Clicks
  • Paid Difficulty
  • Paid Clicks
  • Live Search in SERP
  • Similar Keywords
  • Questions
  • Organic Ranking History

So this tool was at the end but very useful. SpyFu provides other useful tools for links also. It also provides data for AdWords. 

Use these tools in keyword research and make your research more effective and useful. These tools will save your time and effort. I hope you enjoyed it. Comment below for your reviews and recommendations.

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