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Best Free SEO Tools by Google | Free SEO Tools

             Today I’m going to tell about some of the best SEO tools provided by the Google. These SEO tools are free. These tools will help you much in doing SEO. They will reduce your effort and time consumption. These tools are provided by Google so they are trust worthy and resource full.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a very resource full tool for the
analysis of websites. This tool is very helpful for web masters as well as
SEOs. It provides us the complete data of website. It provides us so many
useful metrics about the website. It also provides so much useful data for
SEOs. We can make a strategy by using the data provided by Google Analytics.  

Google Search Console ( Web Master Tool )

Google Search Console (previously Google Web Master) is
another useful tool provided by Google. This tool provides insights about the
organic traffic. It also tells us about the algorithm updates of the Google
Search Engine. It helps us in indexing and crawling of website.

Google Trends

Google Trends is very helpful tool for SEO purpose. This is
helpful in keyword research. It tells us about the trends of keywords (queries)
in the specific region over the period of time. It gives us idea that how to
utilize increase of searches in the specific time. SEOs can make a strategy according
to trends to launch the content at a specific time.

Google Keyword Planner  ( By Google Adwords )

Keyword Planner is very widely used tool in the field of
SEO. This tool helps us in keyword research while selecting the keywords. It
gives us ideas of keywords. It gives the searches, volume, competition,   and CPC (cost per click) of the keywords.
This tool is need of every SEO.

Page Speed Insights

Page speed Insights gives the loading time (speed) of web
pages. It gives ideas to reduce the page speed. This is very helpful for SEO.
Speed of web pages affect the ranking of website, so this tool will help a lot
in making website load faster by utilizing the ideas given by this tool. Load
time is very important. Web pages, which load in more than 3 seconds, have high
bounce rate as it impacts on user experience. So this tool is very useful.

Structured Data Testing Tool

Structured Data testing Tool is also very helpful. This tool
detects markup schema tags in the website. These tags are very important for
businesses and persons as well. These tags help in ranking. You might have to
check your website for schema tags and utilize this opportunity.

Google My Business Listing

Google My business is especially for local business
listings. Every business can submit their details on this product by Google. By
submitting business you can increase the credibility of your business. This
helps in ranking. This is also helpful for SEO.

Mobile Friendly Test

Mobile Friendly Test tool is another useful tool provide by
Google. This tool tests the website for mobile users. It tells how our site
will look on mobile. As mobile use is increasing so we might consider mobile
friendliness while designing our websites. This tool tells that how the text of
our website displays on mobile screens. So tool will help you a lot in making a
better responsive design.

Those were some of the best free tools provided by Google.
These tools will help you a lot in you SEO career journey. You can give your
suggestion in the comment to help us improve our content.

Thanks for reading. 

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