How to integrate Mailchimp with WordPress

How to Integrate Mailchimp With WordPress

Mailchimp is the most popular and widely used email marketing tool. WordPress is the most used CMS (Content Management System) as 35% of websites are developed by WordPress on the entire internet. So, you will learn how to integrate Mailchimp with WordPress. 

If you are not yet using Mailchimp. Learn here how to create a free Mailchimp account.

Here I will show you how you can integrate Mailchimp with WordPress to collect your user’s emails for email marketing. Then you will be able to show the popup and embedded signup forms on your WordPress site created within the Mailchimp.

Integrate Mailchimp With WordPress

Here is a step by step process to integrate Mailchimp with WordPress. 

Sign in to your Mailchimp account. In the dashboard go to the integration section.

integrate Mailchimp with WordPress

In the integration section upon scrolling, you will see WordPress. So, click on WordPress to integrate Mailchimp with WordPress.

After clicking on WordPress. You will see the sites that are already connected to Mailchimp. As a new user, you will just see the URL of the site which you selected while creating a Mailchimp account.

get code to integrate Mailchimp with WordPress

There select the site you want to connect. Then the audience in which you want to collect the emails. Finally, click on get code. It will show you a snipped code to integrate Mailchimp with WordPress.

code to integrate mailchimp with wordpress

You have to paste that code in the head section of your WordPress theme header.php file. So, go to the theme editor. There select the header.php file. 

pasting code to integrate Mailchimp with WordPress

Paste the copied code right above the closing of the head tag ( </head> ). After pasting update the file and save the changes. 

Now go to the Mailchimp and click on the check connect button to confirm the integration.

Then it will show that your site is connected. So, now you can create forms in the Mailchimp to collect emails of the users from your WordPress site. 

You can easily create and design beautiful popups and embed signup forms from the Mailchimp dashboard. These forms will automatically be shown on your WordPress site.

You can create signup forms and embed them on your WordPress site by creating an HTML code widgets and pasting the code in that widget to display the form. 

So, that was a complete process to integrate Mailchimp with WordPress. I hope you will face no issue in integrating Mailchimp with WordPress by following the above steps. If you have any problem you can ask in the comment.

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