How to get Google Ads Certification [Guide]

How to get Google Ads Certification For Free [Guide]

Want to become Google Ads Certified? Learn a step-by-step process to get Google Ads Certification in this complete guide.

Google Ads Certification is a very useful certificate for all marketers.

It can help you show your skills in Google Ads. You can gain knowledge of Google Ads use in day-to-day advertising.

Google Ads Certification is an exam that Google offers in Skillshop

You can use this certification to show your skills in Google Ads. More, you can get complete knowledge of Google Ads in this certification.

This certification is free of cost now. You can learn skills and get certified for free. 

So, there you will learn in this step-by-step guide to become Google Ads Certified.

Select Google Account and Start Learning in Skillshop

You can take this course and certification exam in ExceedLMS by Skillshop of Google.

To track your progress of learning and attach your certifications you need to select a Google account.

You can use an individual account or choose your organization account where your certifications will show up.

So, sign in with your Google account and start learning Google Ads. 

Always use one account while logging in to Skillshop. So that you can’t get overwhelmed while logging in. 

Go to Skillshop while being logged in to your Google account you selected for learning Google Ads.

Google Ads Certifications

There you can start learning specific certification by clicking on them. You can read their intro before getting started.

You just have to accept the terms and conditions to start learning and getting certified in Google Ads.

Preparing for the Exam

It is not an essay task to pass the examination. You must have to prepare yourself with the Google Ads knowledge to pass the exams.

You can get certified in the following individual certifications of Google Ads.

  • Google Ads Display Certification
  • Google Ads Search Certification
  • Google Ads Measurement Certification
  • Google Ads Video Certification
  • Shopping Ads Certification
  • Google Ads Apps Certification

So, you can become certified in the above certifications and show your expertise in these skills.

You can prepare for these examinations by learning the assessments provided in every specific certification.

Google Ads Display Certification

In this certification, you will learn and apply the knowledge of Google display advertising. By learning the assessments, you will be able to make effective Display Ads strategies and planning to achieve the marketing goals of any business.

You can prepare for the exam by learning the given study material in every certification.

Google Ads Search Certification

Want to learn Search Advertising skills. Then this certification will help you in building a strong knowledge of Google Search Ads.

You will be prepared for many skills that are little technical in advertising like Smart Bidding and Audience Solutions. So, you will learn everything to need to know to start effective Search advertising campaigns in Google AdWords. 

You will earn to manage the budget and bring in more value to the business. Learn to generate more sales, leads, customers, or website traffic with Google Search Advertising.

So you will learn these skills provided in this certification to prepare yourself for the exam.

Google Ads Measurement Certification

This is a vital certification and skill for every marketer. Without measuring your business campaigns, you will not be able to check whether you are achieving your business goal or not.

In this certification, you will learn about the measuring of your ad campaigns and then make strategies based on the data and insights you collect.

It will help you to measure the success of your advertising and make improvements based on the insights you got from the measurement.

You will learn to achieve goals and improve performance by measuring the key insights.

Google Ads Measurement Certification

You will learn all these skills in the study section of this certification.

Google Ads Video Certification

You will learn video advertising in this certification. It will teach you to advertise on YouTube and Google Video Ads. 

After learning and getting certified in this course, you will be able to make effective stories to reach potential customers on YouTube.

You will learn how to advertise your video message properly to reach your potential customers on YouTube.

It will help you to get knowledge of developing effective brand stories to reach and attract the audience on YouTube.

You will learn about the video ad formats available to advertise on YouTube and many more skills to master advertising on YouTube.

Google Ads Video Certification

You will learn all these strategies in the study material of this certification.

Shopping Ads Certification

The ecommerce business is expanding rapidly now. As many people prefer to shop online rather than visiting a physical shop. Because it saves time and traveling. 

In this certification, you will learn about managing Shopping ads for e-commerce. You will learn about creating and optimizing shopping ads to generate more sales and revenue.

Learn about the Showcase Shopping ads to put a great impact on the consumer at the start of their buying journey.

You will be able to grow a retail business, bring more in-store customers, increase brand awareness and conversions.

Shopping ads Certification

Learn all these Shopping ads skills in the study section of this certification.

Google Ads Apps Certification

Want to bring more app downloads. Then in this certification, you will learn about promoting ads in Google Apps advertising.

Learn about the basics of creating campaigns and strategies to optimize these campaigns. 

You will learn about enhancing the app’s quality and discoverability.

Learn all these effective strategies to promote your business with the app advertising in the study material of this certification.

Preparing for Exams Tips

All the certifications along with the skills you will gain after completing are listed above. 

These exams are not much easy as you think. You have to get much knowledge of all these Google ads to pass the exam.

Go through all the study material in the specific certifications thoroughly. Make notes while learning to remember all the knowledge.

You can also learn about Google Ads from other resources. Here is a link.

Before taking the exam, first, take the Knowledge Check Assessment to see how much knowledge you have about specific Google Ads certification.

Getting Certified

After learning and preparing for the examination. The final step is to pass the assessment and get certified.

You have to pass these certifications one-by-one to become an expert and certified in these areas. But if you want to be certified in a specific area only then you can pass the assessment of that specific certification to become certified in that.

You can retake the assessments but you have to wait for one day once you get failed.

You have only 75 minutes to complete the assessment containing 49 MCQs.

As it is a time-bound assessment, so you have to complete it within a given time otherwise you will be considered fail and you have to wait for one day to retake the assessment.

You need to score at least 70% to pass the assessments. This means scoring below 70% will be considered to fail.

So keep in mind these things before taking the assessment.


So in this way you can learn Google Ads skills and become certified. Once you got certified, you will be proud of it.

I know it is a difficult and time-consuming task to go through all the learning materials. But you have to invest in yourself as it will help you a lot in getting hired.

If you are going to get a job as advertiser, then it will be required to get certified. Many companies and hiring managers require Google Ads Certification.

After completing these certifications, you will be able to share your certifications on LinkedIn and also put it in your resume.

Keep note of your certification date as it will expire after 1 year and you have to retake the assessment to renew your certification.

Also, keep visiting Google Ads to learn new skills to further enhance your knowledge and capabilities.

Enjoy learning and becoming certified. You can also become Digital Marketing certified.

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