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6 Proven Ways to Earn Money From a Blog

Millions of blogs are there on the internet. Thousands of people are earning Millions of dollars from their blogs. Many newbies not know how to earn money from a blog. I’m going to tell you 6 proven ways to earn money from a blog. So, read all the ways, apply the tricks and earn money from your blog.

Before I tell you the ways to earn money from a blog. I want to clear the point that you must have to create an audience which comes to your blog and read your blog regularly. If you have not started your blog. Read this guide to create a blog. You can read how to get blog post ideas.

I’m going to tell you 6 proven ways to earn money from a blog. There is the list.

  • Publishing Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling Guest Posts
  • Writing Reviews
  • Selling e-Books
  • Paid Webinars

Publishing Ads

earn money from a blog by publishing ads

Publishing Ads is the 1st way to earn money from a blog. This method is well known and used by every blogger. You have audience on your blog. So you display ads of the the advertisers on your blog and earn money. 

There are many websites who pay you on publishing ads on your blog. The most popular one is Google AdSense. Some of the others are media.netadsterrainfolinks, and Adblade. Best is to get approval from AdSense. It pays you much better than others in early stages. 

Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing by blog

Affiliate marketing is a 2nd way to earn money from a blog. It is also used widely by the bloggers. You have register yourself in any affiliate program which contain products related to your blog niche. There are many affiliate programs on the web.

 Just find a vendor and contact him/her for the affiliate marketing of his/her product. Decide the commission. Then start writing about that product in your blog and put your affiliate link to that product in your affiliate post. So, whenever someone will buy that product from your link. You will get a commission from the vendor. 

Selling Guest Posts

selling guest post

If you have a popular blog and a good audience. You can earn money by selling a guest post on your blog. People will come to your blog. They write a post on your blog and get a link from your blog. They pay you for this too. You can also earn money by giving a link to someone website. 

Writing Reviews

writing paid reviews on a blog

Writing reviews is another way to earn money from a blog. Many product owners related to your niche will come to you and ask you to write a paid review about their product. So, by writing reviews related to your niche you can earn money. But always write a good positive review. Tell all the things about the product. For example:

You have a blog about health and fitness. So, you can write a review about a diet plan of some company and get paid from that company.

Selling e-Books

selling ebook on blog to earn money

If you are specialized in some field. Then you can earn money by writing your book and selling it on your blog. Many qualified bloggers do that. Just write a useful guide about some skill and sale in. There are many students on the web who pay you for that. So, write an e-book of 3-4K words or more. Sale it and earn money.

Paid Webinars

earning money by conducting paid webinars on a blog

Conducting paid webinars is another way to earn money from a blog. If you are popular in your industry. Then select a specific topic and prepare it. Then conduct a paid webinar on your blog and earn money. 

Many people take paid webinars to get knowledge. So, market your webinar by sending emails to your blog subscribers and sharing on the social media. Many people will join this. 

This was a list of 6 ways to earn money from a blog. Not try to use all the ways in the start. I advice you to start with a one or two ways. Then when you build audience on your blog. Then start earning by all thee possible ways. There are many others ways too. But I have listed the most popular one’s to earn from a blog.

Enjoy reading. Comment if you want to know something. you can contact us. We will respond to you always. Share this with your social network. 

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