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Google AdSense Guide – Earning From Ads [2021]

Google AdSense is the most common word in the blogging world. If you are a blogger or YouTuber you would be familiar with Google AdSense.

This is going to be your one-stop Google AdSense guide. I will teach you everything you need to know about it. I will walk you through from getting started to earning money from it.

If you even don’t have heard about it don’t worry. I’ll tell you everything and after reading this guide you would be clear about earning money from Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is a program for publishers to earn money by displaying ads on their content. You can monetize your blog and earn money by displaying ads.

You can earn money from Google AdSense by having a blog or YouTube channel. I’ll show you both ways. But I’ll cover more about blogging.

Google has two programs one for publishers and the second for advertisers. Advertisers use Google  Ads to advertise their brands. Then Google uses Google AdSense where publishers signup to show ads on their sites. So, Googles show those advertiser ads on the publisher websites.

Let’s talk about how you can make money from Google AdSense.

You can make money from Google AdSense by YouTube channel. There are some requirements for monetizing your YouTube channel.

2 Basic requirements for YouTube Channel monetization are:

  1. 1,000 Subscribers
  2. 4,000 Hours Watch Time

To be eligible for monetization you need 1K subscribers and 4k hours watch time. After gaining them you can apply for monetization in Google AdSense.

There are some policy guidelines that your channel must follow to be accepted for monetization. Your content must be unique. There should be no copyright content or claim on your content.

Google AdSense for Blog

In this Google AdSense guide, I will teach you how to earn money from a blog using AdSense.

There are many issues faced by bloggers regarding Google AdSense. I’m going to cover all those issues in this guide.

There is no requirement mentioned by Google AdSense for blogs to be got approved. But most of the time, many small bloggers got rejected.

First, you need to set up a blog to earn money from Google AdSense. Here is 6 step guide to setting up a blog.

How to Create Google AdSense Account for Website

After setting up your blog. You can create a Google AdSense account. Go to AdSense.

There click on Get Started button.

There are two requirements for a Google AdSense account.

  • You must have a website.
  • Your age should be 18+.

You need to provide your website address. Then type your email address on which your account will be created.

Google AdSense Guide on Account setup

If you like to get helpful emails from AdSense then click on Yes otherwise No. After that click on Save And Continue.

Then select your Country or Territory. Type the right country as you will have to verify your identity later on. Then accept the Terms & Conditions of using Google AdSense.

Then you have to provide your payment address. Type exactly the same address where you live. Also, type the right address where you will be able to get the mail from AdSense for address verification.

Next, you have to connect your site with AdSense. Google AdSense will provide you a tracking code that you have to place in the <head> section of your site HTML file.

Google AdSense code placement

If your site is developed by coding. Then you have to go to your files directory. There you will see the main file of the home page usually named “index.html”. Open that file in the text editor. Then paste the AdSense code between the head section.

How to add Google AdSense to WordPress

If your site is developed in WordPress. Then you can easily insert the code by using a plugin. There is an official plugin developed by Google to verify AdSense. Here is a guide to the Site Kit.

You can also place the code manually by going into Theme Editor in the WordPress dashboard. Then open the index.html file. And paste the AdSense code there.

After pasting the code then click on the Request review button in the AdSense account. Google AdSense will review your site. It usually takes few days but sometimes it takes 2 weeks for the Google team to review your site.

So, within 2 weeks you will get a response from Google AdSense either your site is approved or got rejected due to some reason.

How to get Google AdSense approval fast?

Many startup bloggers face issues regarding Google AdSense approval. I’m going to give you a checklist that can help you get approved by AdSense fast.

There are multiple issues due to which Google AdSense disapproves sites. Google just wants good sites that will help advertisers to get real visitors to their ads.

If you are looking to get your site approved by Google AdSense then follow these below tips. You will be got approved by Google AdSense in the first month of your blogging.

Top 12 Tips to Get AdSense Approval Fast

Here are the top tips to get AdSense approved fast. If you will follow up on these tips you can get Google AdSense approval in 1 week. Read every single tip wisely and then apply for AdSense.

  • Domain Name
  • Site Layout/Navigation
  • Responsive Design
  • Required/Must have Pages
  • WordPress for Blog
  • Paid Hosting
  • Site Speed
  • Quality Content
  • Sitemap Submitted in GSC
  • Organic Traffic
  • Google Tools Installed for SEO
  • Avoid Restricted Niches

These are all the tips that I have discovered in my experience with Google AdSense. There are some other pro tips for you at the end. Now let’s discuss these tips in detail one by one.

Domain Name

A domain is the address of your website that visitors will type in the browser to open your site. You have to buy a domain name with a good extension.

Domain has two main parts Name and Extension. Our site domain is where searchenginetechs is the name of the website and .com is the extension of our domain.

There are multiple extensions available in the domain registry. But you have to buy a good domain extension that will help you in getting Google AdSense approval fast.

Some domain extensions are for general use and some have a specific purpose. Popular domain extensions are:

  • .com
  • .org
  • .edu
  • .net

If you are going to build a blog website and want to get AdSense approval fast. Then You should buy a domain having an extension from one of the above.

The most recommended domain for a general or niche-specific blog to get Google AdSense approval is

You can buy a domain for your site from:

You can also get a free domain if you buy good hosting. I will tell you about this below.

Site Layout/Navigation

Your site layout is also an important factor to consider before applying for Google AdSense.

Make a clean layout of your site. Everything should be clear on your site. Users can take action easily.

Use a clean theme that has easy navigation. Users can easily navigate your site from one page to another page.

Make all the buttons and menus clear as there would be not misconception between them. Many people cheat people by redirecting them to the wrong/irrelevant sites or pages. If you will do that you are going to be rejected by Google AdSense.

Don’t place any pop-under ads on your site. If you are already using any publisher program that shows pop-ups or pop-under ads. Then remove that program as AdSense restricts to use of pop-under ads.

To put it in place I mean to say that your site would be good-looking having a clean design.

Responsive Design

That point is similar to the above one. Your site design must be responsive. Responsive design is a design that makes the site adjustable according to the size of the screen.

As there are various sizes of devices available in the market. And most important of them mobile is used widely now. So, you have to make your site responsive so that it looks well on both desktop and mobile.

Google has recently launched the mobile-first index update. If you want to be approved by Google AdSense it would suggest you make your site responsive.

If you are using CMS like WordPress then you can install a responsive theme. There are multiple themes available in the WordPress directory that are fully responsive.

Sites on blogger can use responsive templates. Responsive design will help you in ranking and SEO as well. As it is a ranking signal for mobile SERP.

You can also make an AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) version of your site. It would be good for your mobile users. It will make your site fast and mobile-friendly. Here is a guide to AMP.

Must have Pages

There are some pages on your site that are required for Google AdSense approval. These pages will make your site more legit and useful for your users/visitors.

Pages you should have to create on your site for Google AdSense approval are

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer

You must have to create these pages on your site. Place these pages in the main menu or footer menu.

Contact and About pages must be visible to your visitors. So place them in the main menu of your site in the header. The Privacy Policy and Disclaimer pages can be placed in the footer.

About Us page should contain a brief detail about your site. You can write a 3-5 lines introduction about your site. Then you can place links to your social media pages too.

On the Contact Us page, you can place a contact form by which users can send their messages to you. You can also provide other contact information like Email, Phone Number, Location (if necessary), and Social Profiles.

The Privacy Policy page basically tells your visitors that how you collect their data and where you use that. It claims either you sell your visitors’ data to someone else or not. You can use websites to generate your Privacy Policy page automatically.

The Disclaimer page is used to tell your visitors/customers that any product, service, or information provided by you may cause any harm or damage to them and you would not be responsible for that.

You can skip disclaimer page if you think there is nothing worthy to write about in it. But you must have to create About, Contact, and Privacy pages on your site. It will help you in getting AdSense approval.

WordPress for Blog

If you are going to build a blog. I suggest you create your blog on WordPress. Making a blog on blogger is no longer now useful as it is a free service.

WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) in the world. Most of the sites available on the internet are managed by WordPress.

WordPress is easy to use, efficient and effective for designing a responsive website.

You can also add any functionality to your site by just installing a plugin. So you don’t have to code every time to write a new post or add new functionality to your site.

I would suggest you build your blog on WordPress. You will be able to manage your blog easily on WordPress. Learn here how to build a WordPress blog.

Paid Hosting

At this point most startup bloggers makes mistake. Many bloggers who are just going to start blogging get free hosting and start a blog.

Most of the free hostings are either slow or use their advertisement on your site. If you build your blog on blogger then always use a custom domain as told in the first point above.

If you buy good hosting for your site it will not only make your site fast but also increase the chance of being approved by Google AdSense.

You can also buy local hosting but you should buy hosting rather than using any free hosting. It will increase your site legitness in front of Google.

Some good hosting providers are:

You can buy hosting from any of the above hosting providers. I would suggest Bluehost for WordPress. It is also recommended by WordPress. You will get a .com domain for free if you buy from the above link.

Site Speed

Site Speed is another important factor of site optimization for Google. It is important for ranking and AdSense as well.

Site speed depends on multiple factors that you can optimize to make your site fast. Some important things that can help you make a fast site are

  • Good Hosting
  • Responsive Theme
  • Lightweight Theme
  • Clean CSS and JS
  • Caching
  • CND

Using a caching plugin can help you cache your site and make it easy for users to access your site. It can increase the speed of your site. You can use CDN to provide the web page from the nearest data center to the visitor.

Learn here about Page Speed Optimization.

Making your site fast will help you in getting AdSense Approval fast. As site speed affects the user experience.

You can check your site speed at the Google PageSpeed tool. Your site score must be 60+ more desktop and 30+ for mobile. At least score these numbers then you will increase your chance of being approved by Google AdSense.

Quality Content

Quality content is the most important thing in getting Google AdSense approval. You must have to write quality content that has no plagiarism. Your site content must be original and unique.

Write content to help and educate the audience not to misguide them. Google always prefers quality content. If you write unique and helpful content Google will reward you for it.

Content length also matters in getting Google AdSense approval. But never forget that quality matters more than quantity.

Your blog post length must be more than 500 words at least. I suggest you write 1500-3000 words articles to provide a full solution to your readers.

But in the end length of content depends on the topic you are going to cover. So, choose your topic wisely and then cover it completely in your post.

Before applying for Google AdSense, you must have 10-15 quality blog posts having a word length of 800-3000.

You can also get approval with 5 blog posts but your posts must be unique, quality, long, and plagiarism-free.

Sitemap Submitted in GSC (Google Search Console)

Sitemap contains all the URLs of your site. You should submit your sitemap in Google Search Console. It will help Google to index your site faster.

A sitemap is used for making it easy for Google to crawl and index your site pages and posts.

Also, submit your sitemap in Bing and other search engines to drive more organic traffic from all search engines.

Submitting your sitemap will help you in getting indexed by Google and then get fast approval by Google AdSense.

Organic Traffic

Some of your blog posts must drive traffic from Google search. If you are not getting any traffic from Google search then you might face issues in getting Google AdSense approval.

Writing quality content and optimizing it will help you in getting free organic traffic. To get AdSense approval, your site must have traffic source variation.

I mean your site would be getting traffic from search engines (Google, Bing), social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest), and email marketing.

If your site is getting traffic from different sources then it would be easy to get AdSense approval for your blog.

Optimize your content according to SEO best practices to get ranked in Google and bring organic traffic.

Organic traffic is a good signal for your site to get AdSense approval.

Google Tools Installed for SEO

You also need to install SEO tools provided by Google on your site to get fast Google AdSense approval.

There are two main tools that you must install on your site even if you don’t want AdSense approval. These tools are very helpful for better optimizing the website and bringing more traffic.

The two main Google Tools are:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Google Search Console

You must install and configure these tools on your site to make your site more optimized. You can use the Site Kit plugin to configure these tools. Here is the guide.

Avoid Restricted Niches

Google AdSense doesn’t approve sites of every niche. There are some niches restricted by Google AdSense.

If your site contains the following content then you are going to be rejected by Google AdSense.

  • Sexual Content (porn, sex toys, sex tips)
  • Shocking Content (blood, guts, shooting, explosions images)
  • Explosives (bombs, grenades)
  • Guns Parts and Related Things (handguns, riffles, shooting guns, 
  • Weapons (fighting knives, military knives, pepper spray, tasers)
  • Tobacco (cigarettes, cigar)
  • Recreational Drug (cocaine, heroin, marijuana)
  • Alcohol Sale or misuse
  • Online Gambling
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Unapproved Pharmaceuticals and Supplements
  • Apps removed from Google Play Store for policy violation

You should avoid all of the above niches. If you are going to write content on any of the above topics then your site will be rejected by Google AdSense.

Avoid these restricted niches to get fast Google AdSense approval.

This was a list of the top 12 tips to get your site approved by Google AdSense. If you follow these 12 tips and optimize your site according to them. I bet you will get approval within the first month of your blogging.

Now let’s talk about the Google AdSense account.

How do you check my AdSense account is approved?

You can check if your AdSense account is approved or no by logging in to your account. Then go to the sites section. There you will see the domain you have applied for you. If it’s showing ready with your domain then your site is approved.

Google AdSense account sites

How do you fix your blog currently doesn't qualify for AdSense?

There are multiple reasons behind the rejection of the Google AdSense account. If your blog is rejected then you have to recheck your site content. See if you are missing any requirements that I have listed above for AdSense approval.

Maybe you have plagiarized content on your site. So, check your content plagiarism before publishing content. There are plenty of tools for checking plagiarism.

How much does AdSense pay per 1000 views?

AdSense is a CPC network. It pays usually between 0.01$ to 6$ per 1000 views depending upon the clicks you will get. You earn most of your money from AdSense by getting clicks on ads.

If you are getting about 20,000 page views per month then you can earn 1,00$ per month from AdSense. But remember this is just a guess.

Google AdSense earnings depend on multiple factors. Here is the list:

  • Blog Niche
  • Ad Type
  • Viewer Country
  • Traffic Source

Some niches pay more per click than others. So, target keywords wisely before writing content on them. Always check the CPC of every keyword during keyword research.

Similarly, traffic source also affects the earning as AdSense pays more for an organic user than user coming from social media. So, your earnings depend on these factors.

How to add a payment method in Google AdSense?

You will be able to add a payment method in Google AdSense after earning 10$ in AdSense. Before that, you can’t add a payment method. When your earnings reached 10$ then login to your AdSense account.

how to add payment method in Google AdSense

You can see this in the above image. The payment method is already added. There you will see Add Payment Method button. Click on that button.`

You have 2 options for payment.

  1. Wire Transfer
  2. Check Details

Wire transfer is a suggested method for payment, as a check might take time to deliver to your home. If you want a check of your payment then you have to provide your billing address where you can receive your AdSense earning check.

For wire transfer, you have to provide bank details. You need the following details of your bank account.

  • Name on Bank account
  • Bank Name
  • Swift BIC
  • IBAN

Swift BIC is optional but all other fields are required. If you don’t have a bank account. You can also use a Payoneer account. Then from Payoneer, you can send money to your local payment providers.

In this way, you can add a payment method in Google AdSense. You can also add more than one payment method at a time. One will be your primary method.

You can withdraw your AdSense earnings by reaching the minimum threshold 100$. When your AdSense earnings reach 100$ then you can withdraw your money in your bank account once a month.

You can withdraw AdSense earnings once a month and min 100$. If your earning are below 100$, you can’t withdraw them.

How to verify the address in Google AdSense?

After verifying your identity in Google AdSense, you need to verify your address. You will see a message of address verification on the AdSense home page.

PIN verification in AdSense

You can request a PIN up to 4 times. If you didn’t  receive your PIN within 4 months after applying. Your account will be suspended if you don’t verify your address.

If you are living in a city area then you may get your PIN within 2-4 weeks. But if you live in a village area then maybe you won’t be able to receive your PIN.

If you didn’t receive your PIN after 3 weeks you can reapply for a PIN. So, if you are not getting the PIN, just reapply again after 3 weeks.

You can also verify your address without a PINAfter requesting a PIN 4 times, you will be able to verify your address by providing your original government-issued identity.

If you have requested PIN 4 times and have not received it yet. Then go to AdSense PIN Troubleshooter.

Your account must have 10$ then you will be able to verify your address without the PIN.

AdSense Address verification without PIN

There you will be asked some questions about your AdSense. Just answer as shown in the above image. Then click on the contact us link as shown.

There you will be able to verify your AdSense address without a PIN. Fill the form and upload the documents.

Google AdSense PIN verification

You have to write the following information in the form.

  • Name (same as your AdSense account and identity card)
  • Contact email (you can use any email address)
  • AdSense Publisher ID (you can get your AdSense account publisher ID by going into account settings)

After filling in the above information, you have to provide an identity for verification of your address. You can upload the following documents to verify your identity.

  • Government-issued ID card
  • Passport
  • Bank Statement
  • Utility Bill

You can upload any of the above documents to verify your address in Google AdSense.

upload identity to Google AdSense


  • The name on the document must match with the name in the AdSense account.
  • A proper address should be written on the provided document.
  • Upload photo of back and front separately.
  • The document must be clear and easily readable.

After uploading the file just submit the form. Your address will be verified within 20 hours. In this way, you can verify your address in your Google AdSense account without receiving a PIN.

Ads Serving limit in AdSense

At the start of AdSense earning, many small bloggers face the issue of ads limit in AdSense. There are multiple reasons behind the ad limit policy.

First, let’s learn why Google AdSense limits the ads you can show on your site. This issue comes up due to

  • Invalid Traffic
  • Self Clicking
  • Multi-clicking

If you are involved in any click-for-click service even then your account will be disabled or AdSense limits the ads serving.

If you open your site and then click on the ad by yourself even then you will face the issue. Even if someone visits your site and starts clicking on ads your account will be limited.

You can keep your account safe by checking the traffic sources in Google Analytics. Don’t open and self-click on ads. If you want to see your site then open it in incognito mode of the browser.

If your account has an ad serving limit. Then to remove the limit quickly you need to turn the ads off for some days. Also, check your traffic regularly if you see any invalid traffic then report in the AdSense to keep your account safe.

Never place the ads where accidental clicks can occur as this may also lead you to an ad serving limit on your account. Also, keep the ads spaced so that visitors will easily navigate through the site without clicking on the ad accidentally.

By following all the tips discussed you can keep your AdSense account safe from the ads serving limit.

How to set up AdSense ads on your site?

After verifying your site in Google AdSense you can set up ads on your site. There are two ways by which you can place ads:

  • Autoads
  • Manual Ads by ad code


After getting approval from AdSense, you can set up the ads on your site. The first way is to set up the auto ads. You can place the ads on your site with one click.

Google will automatically analyze the layout of your site. Then place the ads where they will perform best and generate more revenue.

Auto ads are also responsive they adjust their size depending upon the size of the device. If you have amp pages on your site. Google AdSense will also detect them and place the ads on amp pages.

Click on the AMP showing there. Then turn it on so that Google AdSense can show ads on your AMP pages. Then you have to do further two steps to start showing AdSense ads on your site AMP pages.

display ads on AMP site

You have to copy and page the script between the head tag of your site. If you are using WordPress then you can set up everything with the Site Kit plugin

In the second step, you have to paste the ad code in the body tag of your site amp pages. If you set up ads on your WordPress site using the Site Kit plugin then you don’t need to paste the code.

Setting up auto ads: Sign in to your Google AdSense account. Then go to the ads section.

auto ads in Google AdSense

There click on the edit icon in front of the site on which you want to set auto ads. There you can set everything about auto ads. AdSense gives you full control of how ads will show on your site in auto ads.

auto ads setting in Google AdSense

Here you can control the settings of auto ads. Let’s discuss the best practices for auto ads.

Turn the auto ads option on to show auto ads on your site. Then you will be able to control the auto ads settings. Now discuss all the options one by one.

Ads format

You can also control the ad format you want to show on your site.

These are the formats that you can show on your site.

  • In-page ads (Matched content)
  • Anchor ads
  • Vignette ads (Widescreen)

To get maximum revenue then turn on all the ads format. It will show all types of ads that are offered in Google Ads. It will help you in generating maximum revenue from your blog.

Ad load

Ad load lets you control the number of ads you want to show per page on your site.

ad load in auto ads

As you slide up the blue circle it will increase the number of ads. If you want to earn maximum revenue from your site then move it to the max side. But showing so many ads on your site can slow down your site. It will also give a bad user experience.

If you want to give your users a better user experience by compromising on your revenue then keep the circle in the middle. That’s recommended by me at the end it will be up to you how many ads you show up on your site.

Page exclusions

Page exclusions is used to avoid the ads from displaying on specific pages. There may be some pages on your site where you don’t want to show ads. So, you can insert those pages in this section.

page exclusions on Google AdSense

Just type the URL you want to exclude ads on. You have two options for excluding ads. Either you can put the exact URL or all pages under the specific section.

You can also add more pages separately to exclude ads from those pages.

Manual ads by ad code

Go to ads by ad unit in AdSense. There you can create any type of ad that you want to place on your site using the ad code.

Ad types that you can create:

  • Display Ads
  • In-feed ads
  • In-article ads
  • search engine
creating ad unit in adsense

Display ads are the recommended ad type because these ads work well on every location of your site. They are also responsive and amp compatible.

You can simply create the ad by clicking on the type. Then select the size (responsive, fixed) and preview (square, horizontal, & vertical). Then just copy the code and paste it where you want the ads to show on your site. 

In this way, you can create the ad units of your choice and then by inserting the code display them on your site.

Wrapping up Google AdSense Guide

I just want to say that if you will write content for helping users then you will definitely get AdSense approval. But if you are just writing for money and not focusing on the quality of content then you are going to face an issue in getting Google AdSense Approval.

Always write quality content optimized for users and search engines both. Your content must be neat and clean means grammatically clear.

Follow the steps I’ve listed to get fast approval of Google AdSense. Also, note one thing that having not enough traffic will give you nothing with AdSense.

I suggest you take some time and generate a good amount of traffic on your site. Because having a little traffic will give you nothing in AdSense at the end of the day.

In the start, you would be making a penny per day or even nothing. But if you will work consistently and hardly you will be getting 100$ or even more per day.

For earning money you only need traffic and for traffic, you have to generate quality content that ranks in Google. So, your first focus while generating content should be the user. If users will like your content you are going to rock.

Getting Google AdSense approval is not as much difficult as you think. Just follow the simple steps and guidelines discussed above and your site will be approved.

If you have any questions regarding Google AdSense approval just comment below. This Google AdSense guide will be updated regularly to keep you updated regarding Google AdSense policies.

I hope this detailed and comprehensive Google AdSense guide will make everything clear about Google AdSense to you. All the frequently asked questions are answered in this Google AdSense guide.

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