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How to Install Facebook Messenger Chatbot on a Website

Facebook developers have launched official Facebook Messenger Chatbot for websites. You can use a live Facebook Messenger Chatbot on your website to allow your users contact you directly.

This Chatbot allows you to chat with your customers and users from your Facebook messenger directly. You can chat with your users at any time in any place.

Because your phone is always with you. Whenever someone on your website sends some message, it will come to your messenger inbox. You can reply directly from a Facebook messenger from your phone.

You can connect multiple people with your messenger to chat with users on the chatbot. For Facebook Messenger chatbot you just need a Facebook Page of your business. If you have no Facebook Business page, you can create it by following steps there.

Installing Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Installing Facebook Messenger Chatbot on a website is quite simple. You just have to get a code from the Facebook page and then paste it in your website file.

To get the chatbot code, just go to your Facebook Page. Then click on page settings. Go to message settings.

Facebook Messenger chatbot setup

There will be an option to add messenger to your website. Click on get started button there. It will take you through three steps to set up the Facebook Messenger Chatbot. Just select the options and click on next.

There will be an option to add messenger to your website. Click on get started button there. It will take you through three steps to set up the Facebook Messenger Chatbot. Just select the options and click on next.

You can select the appearance of the chatbot. Then you can set the default message which will show up to the users. 

After these steps, it will show the code for installing Facebook Messenger chatbot on your website. You have to insert your website URL there.

fb messenger chatbot code snippet

This type of code snipped will appear there. Jut copy that code and you have to paste it in the body section of your website pages on which you want Facebook Messenger chatbot to appear. After copying the code, just finish the setup on Facebook.

You may have your website on a CMS like WordPress or it is developed by coding. So, I will tell the method for both these types.

Installing on WordPress Website

If your website is developed on WordPress. Then you have to follow these steps to install live Facebook Messenger chatbot on your site.

There is an official plugin developed by Facebook for WordPress users, but unfortunately, this plugin is not working on the latest 5.5 version of WordPress. So, to activate chatbot you have to insert the above snippet code manually to your theme header file below body tag.

Go to your WordPress dashboard. Then go to appearance and click on the theme editor.

There you will see all the files of your theme. So, you have to edit the header.php file. When you click on header.php, this file will open up in the editor. 

You just have to paste the above Facebook Messenger chatbot snipped code below the body tag.

wordpress theme editor
pasting facebook messenger chatbot code

So, after pasting the code just update the file. Then your FB Messenger chatbot will be live on your WordPress website.

Installing on Coded Website

Installing Facebook Messenger chatbot on a coded website is also similar. There is just a little difference. You have to go to the file manager of your hosting where your site files are placed.

Most of the hosting providers use Cpanel. So, just sign in to your hosting Cpanel.


Go to your File Manager. All files of your website would be there. In the file manager go to the public_html folder. Your all pages HTML files will be in the pubic_html folder.

You just have to edit your pages files on which you want to show the Facebook Messenger chatbot and paste the above code below the body tag.

So, just paste the code snippet and save your files. After that, the chatbot will be live on your site.

So, now you have installed Facebook live chatbot on your website. This chatbot is responsive, so it works on every device. It will show up at the right bottom of your site.

facebook messenger chatbot

You can allow users to chat as a guest without signing in on messenger. The chat will automatically disappear after 24 hours. Users can also end the chat earlier.

This is a fast and lightweight chatbot. It has many benefits as you can chat with the customer using your mobile phone too. 

You can set up welcome and away messages to engage your customers. There is also an option to show FAQs in the chat so that users don’t have to wait for your response.

This is an amazing chatbot, you should install it on your site. It will help you in engaging your users and reducing your site bounce rate.

I hope using the above steps you will be able to successfully install Facebook Messenger chatbot. I have clearly told all the steps. 

But even then if you face any issue, you can comment below. We will reach out to you and solve your issue.

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